Monday, January 29, 2018

Women's Basketball drops another game

The Women's Basketball team got blown out at home by Syracuse this weekend. With the loss they fell to 1-7 in ACC play. Cuse is a fine team but not some dominant power right now. Yet BC can't hang with these teams very long.

I know the casual BC fan barely cares. I can't pretend that I live and die with the team, but we shouldn't be this bad. Like hockey, this is a sport where we can and should be a consistent winner. We will see how much Jarmond cares when the season is over.


Napolean Bonaparte said...

It must be how you play the game that counts in WBB. Coach Johnson's complete record in six seasons with little oversight from our Athletic Department other than another idiotic contract extension:

Total - ACC
6-15 1-7 (current season)
9-21 2-15
15-16 2-14
13-17 5-12
12-19 3-14
12-19 6-13

John said...


Edward Griffith said...

Ivey ND , Ralph UCONN

This record engineered by Floppo and Bates is an outrageous disgrace especially following
the magnificent record of Cathy Inglese.
Jarmond should get one of the above and make "THE ECHOES RING AGAIN FOR BOSTON"
FLOPPO, BATES and LEAHY are responsible for the football and the double BB disasters.

Tim said...

It has all been downhill since Defillippo canned Cathy Inglese. Kind of like how it’s all been downhill since Defillippo drive Tom O’Brien away and fired Jagodzonski. And it’s all been downhill since Defillippo fired Skinner. Quite a path of destruction by Defillippo.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Jarmod surely must be assembling a list of target candidates for the head WBB coaching position. Would imagine Johnson will be told promptly at the end of the season. Just hope they focus on someone with solid recruiting connections/track record ready to move up to an ACC head job. A winning pedigree in and out of conference would also be appropriate. No reason for this program to have been languishing for so long.

Guido said...

There is absolutely no way that Jarmond is tolerating this situation !!! He is definitely evaluating candidates as we write our comments. It is absolutely a "RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT" to view the incredible damage inflicted on BC sports by Gene DeFilippo !!!!! It is TOTALLY SICKENING !!!!!! And the Administration and Board just stood by taking NO ACTION !!!!!

Napolean Bonaparte said...

I know Guido - but Bates could have done something and did not. Hard to say the extent to which Leahy interfered at the micro level but he clearly did not give good oversight. It's frustrating as many of us come from the private sector where we know (for analogous performance) that the whole management team here would have been promptly shitcanned or put on "special assignment" never to be seen or heard from again. But this isn't the private sector and universities are a different animal.

OB68 said...

There are certain sports where BC should be easily able to recruit a top 20 team. WBB is certainly one of them. There is no excuse for continuing to flounder in the ACC, this is not a WBB power conference, the teams in lower 2/3 of this league are beatable and we should be doing so on a regular basis. I happend to meet Cathy Inglese when she was the coach at URI, I commented on how sorry I was that she left BC. She said "thanks", with a bit of a smirk, as if to say "glad I am away from that idiot Gene". There are plenty of hungry young assistant coaches with the drive to make this program great, hopefully we will find one.