Monday, January 29, 2018

Should BC copy USF's scheduling model?

BC's Football schedule seems pretty close to ideal. In most years, BC plays a DIAA team, a Group 5 team, a potential challenge game and maybe one elite game. As much as the DIAA game might seem like filler or not worth the typical price. it is not a popular practice. USF's AD dislikes them so much that he is not going to schedule DIAA any more. Maybe BC should consider the same thing?

The DIAA game is basically a scrimmage for BC. Since we restarted playing these teams in the early 2000s, BC hasn't lost. Nor have any of the games been close. It is not fair that BC charges the same price for those games as we do for others. BC does not learn all that much and the W does not provide much respect nor something to sell. 

BC is locked in to our current schedule for a few years. I don't think the average BC fan cares about any DIAA team, but it will be nice to play Holy Cross again. Since I doubt BC will ever be as bold as USF, I think the most we can hope for are DIAA teams that have a history with our program.


mod34b said...

Cupcakes are Daz’s Favorite food.

Without these delicious treats , Daz would never be bowl eligible. And would have a losing record every year.

Of course games again Wagner, Howard, MAC teams, Maine are a complete waste of time.

bceagle91 said...

Mod hit the nail on the head. This is how Daz has had a 7-6 record in 4 of his 5 years here. He'd be 5-7 or 4-8 every year and wouldn't have lasted 5 years plus. Thanks to an abundance of bowl games, he pads the schedule, gets us to a weak bowl game and can tell recruits we'll go to a bowl game.

UMass, HC, Temple and Purdue out of conference next year. The one Power 5 school is a weaker B1G team. Sweep those 4, go 2-6 in the conference, make a bowl game and eventually get an extension. Ever to excel.

Geezer eagle said...

Mod and bcEagle are absolutely correct. Dazoshit uses smoke and mirrors to project a winning image. What a travesty.

Edward Griffith said...

Floppo, Bates , Leahy three names that will live in infamy. They gave us SPAZOO, Dazzle-NOT
Disaster in Men's and women's BB COACHES TO FOLLOW THE ONE BIG WINNER Cathy Inglese.
Temple is not he Temple of old. Much improved since Al Golden started their upswing.
This past year having found or blundered into great assistants and done some good
recruiting is the first year DAZZLE-NOT earned his paycheck.
IT would still be best that he be ejected from "THE Heights"

Napolean Bonaparte said...

I agree with the South Florida AD. We shouldn't be scheduling these teams either. Its lousy entertainment for the fans and it's a lousy scrimmage that doesn't teach you anything. The ONLY reason for these games is to pad the schedule to make the coach and AD look better. I commend the USF AD for showing some integrity.

knucklehead said...

Most power 5 teams play one weak game annually. Clemson plays Furman, Virginia plays Richmond, LSU plays Jacksonville state. It is good as a confidence builder for BC recently and it allows for a local rivalry game. Plus it is good for the economy.

It is the main reason why the schedule has evolved into 12 games.

Having one game that puts the local wannabes in their place is good.

We should put Rutgers on the schedule if we want a real patsy. Or give Providence 20 million to start a football program so we can beat them annually. Lord knows they need the money.

UU last row said...

A minor point but BC does not charge the same amount for each game. The DIAA game typically has been as low as $10-$15 a seat the past few years. Clemson, FSU and other ACC games tend to start in the $40-$60 range.

This pricing may not impact everyone but they are acknowledging the different demand level for a quasi-scrimmage.

@MrNASAgang said...

BC has always schedule games like that for years! I think its more about game placement then anything.

@MrNASAgang said...

I also agree that those games should have lower ticket price.

downtown_resident said...

USF is not a Power 5 school, so I don't see why we should look at them as any sort of example in scheduling.

If the rest of the Power 5 stops scheduling FCS games, then I'm great moving in that direction. As long as the Power 5 world is playing the FBS game, and as long as BC's in the ACC (e.g., four top-25 teams on the 2018 schedule), then BC needs to keep playing that game. Just make it a rotation of Holy Cross, Fordham, Villanova, and Georgetown (I believe the Hoyas, like Holy Cross, may become eligible).

Deacon Drake said...

Two words: "BU Football"

We actually should play these local games. Right now our talent level isn't all that deep, and its nice to be able to stretch 60 minutes across the entire roster. My peeve with the I-AA games were playing teams that had no local or historic affiliation w/BC (Weber State? I know where it is but 99% of the student body isn't finding it on a map).

Keep it local so we can leverage the game for interest and recruiting, and do it early so nobody cares. The worst is watching SEC teams drop Samford in the week before their rivalry game.

Guido said...

Oh , and I would guess that a local rivalry like Holy Cross will generate incredible interest and will fill Alumni Stadium. I will give the point spread now - a year in advance : BC favored by 35 points - yeah , this game along with UMASS will be good for local rivalries - Please , give me a break !!!!!!!!!!!!I am sure that the few remaining season ticket holders will give these tickets away to neighbors - who also will not use them when they are informed of the parking situation at the "HEIGHTS".

knucklehead said...

You are missing the point. There would be 11 games if these games had not become the norm. Also a way to redistribute some cash to the losers like Rutgers and Providence.

John said...

Happened to look up the tuition and cost of attendance at BC this year. Many schools are the same).

Tuition, Room and Board, fees, misc, books = just about $71,000!

For that kind of investment and the incurred debt and so forth - there had better be an interesting product on the field to get the attention of many of these current students.

And speaking of the parking situation at the Heights, it will be the worst ever, probably - with the new IPF.

Hopefully Jarmond has some solutions in mind.

knucklehead said...

So before taxes that is 130,000. That is fair compensation for playing football.

JBQ said...

Temple and certainly Purdue could beat BC. UMass will not be easy if taken for granted. As for Holy Cross, go back to November 28, 1942 and see how a monstrous upset saved the BC team from death at Coconut Grove.

John said...

Agree with JBQ about Temple and Purdue. Of course we can beat those teams, but must play to our potential.

UMASS is playing at UGA this year. They will play anyone and just for that reason are dangerous, and deserve our attention. Ask Mississippi State last year.

Go BC - aim high in 18!

Heights said...


Guido said...

John - on any given day monumental upsets may occur in football . But please ,are you worried about UMass ??? Give me a break !!! So they are playing Georgia this year - and they will lose - but it will be a great experience for the UMass football program ??? Maybe it would be a great OOC opponent for Boston College . I (as would many of my friends) would book a flight in a second to Athens to watch that contest(UGA vs BC). That would be a great treat for true Eagle football fans who have had to endure watching UMass , UMaine , UConn ,Howard etc. BC worries about the bowl invite only . How about scheduling occasionally to reward the FAN BASE. Was there for the Howard game - a nail biter at 76-0. They had to reduce the length of the game. Holy Cross will be another nail biter. While I am at it , I will go out on a limb and say that BC will beat Temple and Purdue also. Instead of scheduling Purdue , why not try to book a Wisconsin , Michigan , Michigan State ??? Because that scheduling might result in a loss , and GOD forbid impact the chance at another bowl bid !!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

ATL calling that schedule format close to ideal shows you all you need to know about the BC football program and their fans.