Monday, February 19, 2018

A history on how BC ended up with a few North Carolina players

Jerome Robinson is looking at first team All ACC honors and Ky Bowman probably has a future on the team next year. Both are North Carolina natives and both were ignored by their home state ACC schools. How that happened and how they ended up at BC is part of a great article by Joe Giglio.

After reading the history, you realize how much of recruiting can be luck and timing. While the best players like Lebron James are easy to identify at an early age, other like Steph Curry (who also didn't have ACC offers) develop later or have skills that are harder to appreciate over size and strength. Plus -- and this is a factor in football too -- the stockpile of talent at the best schools leaves great players on the bench not playing. Those scenarios enable a player on a less talented team to develop and grow.

The other big takeaway is how critical Scott Spinelli is to Christian's success. In both cases, his network and his legwork put these players on BC's radar. I have real questions about Christian's ability to build a long-term winner at BC, but don't doubt Spinelli's ability to find and recruit talent. (Maybe the wrong guy is in charge.)

Watching Robinson and Bowman develop has been fun. I hope they keep growing as players and we find a few more just like them in ACC country.


Napolean Bonaparte said...

Looks like we may have found another - but this time so did everybody else.

Thomas said...

well looks like any chance of making a splash in 2019 is gone. Robinson going to the NBA.

Big Jack Krack said...

College basketball is so frustrating - especially at BC.

While I support Robinson in attaining his dreams, I do not like the way the college game is used as the NBA minor league.

Maybe he comes back, in which case Robinson could have an even better, All-American year and be a first round selection for sure.

BC Men's Hockey has been showing the pain of player turnover.

knucklehead said...

He isn't going to do anything in the NBA.

Guido said...

He has not made a formal commitment to the NBA draft (from what I read). That said, if he comes back BC should have a formidable team next year . Especially if Deontae Hawkins gets a medical redshirt year . That would be great. It would be wonderful to see BC waiting to see where they were seeded in the NCAA tournament. Maybe next year if all the above falls into place.

NYCEagle said...

He didn’t declare for the draft or hire an agent. He can still come back for his senior year. He’s just testing the waters and going through the pre-draft process to receive a grade

Jazzyg said...

Hamilton coming in too.