Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Nothing goes right at NC State

It was supposed to be a home coming for BC's North Carolina stars. Instead it turned into a familiar disappointment. Yet again a role player on the other team got ridiculously hot from 3 and put BC in a big hole. It was that much tougher to get out of the hole once Jerome Robinson hurt his arm in an awkward fall. Robinson did get back in the game but was never the same.

Bowman tried to fill the void and had 21, but also had some bad turnovers and needed a lot of shots to get his points. Pop was really sloppy. The team was terrible from the FT line. The one bright spot was Mitchell. He was scrappy and kept fight when BC was down.

The team's NCAA hopes are gone. Now I just want them to stop the bleeding, win a game in the ACC Tournament and make the most of the NIT. I also want Robinson healthy and to comeback for his final year.


Edward Griffith said...

OUT-OF-GAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jim has got to do something about recruiting. DANYA , HOWARD etc.

Certainly back in questionable status.

Gerry said...

The NIT is far from a foregone conclusion. BC's RPI is not good, and they will definitely be underdogs in two of the final three games, and likely all three. NIT has to take all regular season conference champs who slip up in the conference tourney and who do not receive at large bids to the NCAA tourney. Those teams will likely take up 8-10 of the 32 spots in the NIT field and there will be many non tournament teams from power conferences who will be in line for NIT bids ahead of BC. BC may be looking at the CBI if they realistically want to play beyond Brooklyn.

mod34b said...

Can Christian even reach his ceiling of mediocrity this year?

Prolly not.

knucklehead said...

Christian is missing all the shots and not playing defense.

The infatuation with the coaches is strange.

John said...

Team is gassed out coming down the stretch.

Please beat Syracuse and watch that crook Boeheim pout on the bench.

I hope he's one of the coaches named!

BigEast94 said...

I agree with Knucklehead... love to get short list of better and WILLING camdidates... recruiting is improving. 16 wins and a team that competes for the coach. They lack depth and consistency. Need recruiting and patience. Seems lots on here like rebuilding. I like what Christiam is doing here

knucklehead said...

Disagree they are getting tired. They have been inconsistent all season. They win a few and then lose a few.

If they cannot run hard for 40 minutes 3 times a week at 20 then why are we paying them?

Deacon Drake said...

According to ASM, we are not paying them enough... or at least not as much as Duke, UNC, NC State, GTech, Miami, and Louisville (and that's just the last 6 months!)