Wednesday, February 21, 2018

It is Red Sox time again

There are plenty of opponents on BC's schedule that I wonder why we play. I don't question our annual exhibition against the Red Sox in Spring Training. Beyond serving as a recruiting tool, the BC-Red Sox game now serves as a sign of Spring for BC fans.

The series took a break last year due to scheduling conflicts. BC has never won, although they've come close a few times. Thursday will be BC's chance to change the series. Although the game doesn't really count towards BC's record, a good showing should give them confidence to handle the rest of their games down in Florida this week.


mod34b said...

red sox time?


it gold time!

5 BC girls won gold at the Olympics last night in an historic win in Women's hockey!

Tim said...

Ditto. Great win for the BC Alumnae Hockey Team.