Thursday, February 22, 2018

Addazio talks Spring Ball and new staffer

In preparation for Spring Practices, Addazio spoke with the media Thursday. He started by making his long-rumored staff changes official. Smith remains coaching DTs. New face Bill Sheridan will take over linebackers and Jim Reid will coach Defensive Ends. Addazio referenced Sheridan's experience as a Coordinator, so perhaps he will take over when Reid retires (if all goes well). There was no mention of Paul Pasqualoni. No "best wishes" or "we'll miss him." Given their history, I thought Addazio might say something. But Addazio seemed a little more subdued and calm in the presser.

He does have a confidence in his roster and depth. As he went through each position group, he kept emphasizing the talent and how excited he is. What I found interesting and hopeful, was Addazio's belief in the the well-roundedness of his offensive skill guys. According to him, gone are the days when a player's presence would signify a certain play like Jett Sweep. It sounds like Dillon will be an every down back too.

Brown remains out as well as names like Allen, Strachan and potentially Max Richardson. Because of their experience, Addazio is not worried about their missed time. Let's hope they all recover and their backups have great springs. 


mod34b said...

so who is the D.C?

Sheridan joins the staff as linebackers coach while Smith will serve as the defensive tackles coach. Defensive coordinator Jim Reid transitions to coaching the defensive ends in 2018.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

No change there - Reid was DC and linebackers coach - now he's DC and DE coach.

John said...

Barring a slew of injuries to key players, I don't see anyone blowing this team out next year.

Whatever games that we lose should be competitive.

I am optimistic for a pretty good season, and I hope it goes well.

Go BC - reach your potential!