Wednesday, February 28, 2018

BC avoids late game problems and downs Syracuse

After the collapse against Miami, I was a little nervous during the final minutes of the BC-Syracuse game. But BC made some foul shots, made some good decisions when breaking the press and didn't have huge defensive lapses in their win over the Orange.

Aside from the late game deja vu, the other point that got me nervous was when Syracuse started out four-for-six from 3. Fortunately they cooled off while BC was hot from outside (14-27). Bowman led BC with 23. Robinson 22 and was limited in minutes and aggressiveness due to foul trouble. Reyes started and struggled. Pop came off the bench and looked decent. There were times when BC really handled the 2-3 and other times when they couldn't hit open shots.

I am hoping for a win this weekend and a strong showing at the ACC tourney. We need some NIT momentum.


Knucklehead said...


Edward Griffith said...

7 7 7 7 7 7 7

Ga Tech
Fla St
Syr. Congrats to Jim and kids especially without Deonate Hawkins
NICE to catch up with Boeheim who has inflicted great pain on BC when given the oportunity .
Jim should add Danya to staff there is a very obvious need for him hard to miss.

always sunny in cleveland said...

Was following the game on ESPN tracking in my office last night as well as Saturday's game. From that limited perspective, seems this group has toughness and fortitude to get up off the deck from Saturday even with a bench limited by ability and experience, further complicated by Hawkins's injury. Curious to read the perspectives of those of you who were watching whether on TV or at the games.

John said...

I watched the game on TV. This team played hard from wire to wire and they played together. Any mistakes that were made were from an aggressive, play to win mindset.

To answer your question, Always sunny...., this team belongs in the ACC and better days are coming. Would love to see JR return and lead the way next year.

Mitchell got hurt, but Luka played pretty well at crunch time, considering.


John said...

Luka was 4 for 4 at the free throw line, and Pop was 5 for 6. Very important shots. Hopefully they stay with us, because these two guys will really help us for the next couple of years.

Jerome, Ky and Jordan got their points, and Pop was in double figures. The combination of Steffon and Luka had 11 points, so our distribution was very effective and Syracuse had to guard the entire floor.

As the game was ending, Luka threw in a 3 pointer and all was well in Eaglesville. Johncarlos and Vin Jr. Will continue to improve and both will help next year - and we'll have depth for the first time in years - if everyone comes back.

NEDofSavinHill said...

Great win. Nice to see them knock the Orange out of the tourney. But for one point in the Va. VT and Miami contests and they could be 9-9 in conference with a win at FSU. That plus a win in Brooklyn would get them in March Madness. The team is much improved and well coached

Big Jack Krack said...

Keep this team together, JR and lead us to the top tier of the ACC next year. Please.:-)

Wouldn't it be sweet. And it would be nice to close out strong, but tough with Mitchell hurt.

Luka is showing more signs of being steady coming off th bench, but don't know if he can play 35 - 40 minutes. Johncarlos and Vin Jr. will have to step up.

Play loose, guys and play to win. We know you play hard! "Be Not Afraid".

Thank you for closing out the home season on a high note. And thank you for setting us on a trajectory for much fun, excitement and success next year.

downtown_resident said...

No one said the team was so tired they wouldn't win another game. Plus, it helps to play the only high-major team with an equal, if not worse, problem with depth. Syracuse's Battle, Howard and Brissett are numbers 1, 2, and 8 nationally in minutes played and Syracuse relies on those three even more than BC does with Robinson, Bowman and Chatman. (Bowman is #5 nationally in minutes played and Chatman is 34th, btw.)

Nice win by BC. The win clinches the first winning season since 2010-11. Getting into the NIT this year would be a good next step for this program, and then the goal in 2018-19 has to be a return to the NCAAs.

knucklehead said...

Right. Nobody said that.

knucklehead said...

Bottom line. The team is a tease. They aren't tired or overwhelmed with the offense or whatever other made up bullshit excuse you make. They have lost alot of games that they shouldn't have. You need 22 wins to make the tournament now. I predict 19 and review of the season will show 6 additional wins they should have had. If they got 3 they would have been in.

NIT Final Four.

Bring back Christian if Spinelli is staying.

bceagle91 said...

OT, but the women finished the season 7-23. Ouch.

dietmrfizz said...

Last game against FSU is big because the winner plays Pittsburgh in the ACC Tourney. Which is basically as close to a first round bye as you can get.

bceagle91 said...

Women's coach resigns.

68-115 overall, 19-77 in ACC play.

Unknown said...

Avoiding game delays and downsizing Syracuse. It's hard to do. I just play it slow. I also feel that it is not. reddragon88