Thursday, March 01, 2018

Erik Johnson resigns and why you should care

I know most of don't really follow Women's Basketball but Erik Johnson's resignation (force out) is important news for BC sports in general. It is clear that the mistakes of the past two ADs are no longer being ignored. Johnson was well liked. He was a "BC guy." But he simply didn't win or even compete enough to keep around. Now Jarmond gets to make a hire and signal to the BC fan community what he is looking for in a coach.

The next coach should win. BC has enough young talent on the roster. There is plenty of local talent and there is no reason we can't compete in the ACC. Johnson was brought in to recapture the success of the Inglese years. He couldn't, but the bar is not too high. It can be done again. Unlike Football and Basketball, the geography of the school nor the facilities or admissions office hamper us to the point we can't compete in the ACC. New England talent alone could keep us in the top half of the conference. 

Johnson also closes the chapter on Gene's last hire. Like other sports Gene blew up, BC is still trying to recover to the consistency and winning we had a decade ago. But unlike Football and Basketball, Gene got to screw up Women's Basketball three times. He fired Inglese, hired Crawley, fired Crawley and then brought in his old buddy and Inglese assistant Johnson. None of it worked. 

I don't know enough about Women's college basketball to know what direction Jarmond will take, but it will be hard to get much worse. This is now Jarmond's chance to see how hiring at BC works and he can be ready to make tots people are about. 


Edward Griffith said...

A Good Place to start is with Ivey of ND or Shea Ralph U Conn.
The mess created by Di Floppo and Bates are still haunting us today in men's and women's
bb and football.
Men's basketball finally appears to digging out of Floppo's incompetence.
The jury on football is very mixed.
Hopefully baseball and softball can lighten the spring.

mod34b said...

Good for Jarmond. His first scalp. Let’s see if he already has done his homework and makes a new hire soon

Shabby1011 said...

Yes huge test for MJ and we will see if he is really ready to be an AD.

He & everyone associated with BC knew this was coming. Coach Johnson was a great man but not a ACC level recruiter and you could tell from watching warmups his team was woefully over matched in any ACC contest.

We would hope that MJ has been prepping his list during the season, has 1 target and is going to get her. I say her because i would be surprised if he hired another male to coach. Further I would imagine it will be a minority female.

Regardless if he takes longer then two weeks to name a new coach, we have problems. That means he is going through a search, he has no idea who he wants to hire and makes for a very scary proposition if he was going to make a change in MBB or FB down the road.

Look at the guy at VT. He has hired a new FB, MBB, WBB and Baseball coach and all were hired in less then a two week span. He had his target, especially in Football and Buzz in Hoops and went and got them. Let's hope MJ is a pro active AD and not reactionary like his predecessor Bates who had no idea what he was doing.

BC should be middle to top half of ACC in women's hoops. Unlike Men's Basketball, BC has many advantages on the women's side. Campus safety, academics, city of Boston all matter unlike in men's hoop where the players don't care about that at all.

Ultimately the women's basketball team is not moving the needle at all to how BC athletics is perceived, only Football, MBB and Hockey matter. However as ATL said, how this process goes and who he hires will be VERY telling of how MJ will operate moving forward.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Agree - this is an important hire. Skin color or sex is irrelevant - coaching/recruiting competence and potential is all that should matter as this program is in dire need of repair. Would think BC job would be an attractive destination for a number of up and coming head coaches from lesser conferences or highly regarded assistants. Also agree that Jarmond saw the writing on the wall with Johnson months ago and should be very far along on his hiring targets. I really cannot understand why Johnson was so consistently unsuccessful in both recruiting and preparation after so many years here. Would be interesting to hear from some of his former players.

downtown_resident said...

Gambino is a Gene hire...there have to be others.

Failing to replace Johnson-- as nice of a guy as he seemed to be-- would be athletic director malpractice. No winning seasons in six years and the program was trending downward, if that is even possible. I'd be surprised if Jarmond has any coaching decisions that are easier during his BC tenure.

Edward Griffith said...

You can do a lot with womnen's basketball look at UCONN , ND for two. Win a lot
and it will attract attention. First 3 every year ACC. Sweet 16,every other year. Round
of 32 off years.

OB68 said...

Womens basketball at BC should be as successful as other womens sports eg hockey, lacrosse, field hockey and soccer. BC is the type of school that appeals to women athletes the setting and the academic standards are each a huge plus. Whomever he selects should be able to turn this team around in a relatively short period of time. Godd luck to Coach Johnson but this was long overdue.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

I lived in CT during UConn's first championship season under Geno and their star was a gritty guard from New Fairfield named Jennifer Rizzotti. Attendance and statewide attention started building hugely over the season and then the local PBS station started broadcasting their games. Prior to that there wasn't anything in both men's and women's. Then shortly thereafter the men's program came around and won the NIT. I think the success of the women's team was a catalyst for their entire program - in addition to great coaching hires. So hiring a very good WBB coach at BC can have some very positive ramifications.