Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Addazio talks OL and staff dynamics

There is usually not a lot of news coming out of Spring Practice, but Addazio did reveal a few things in his press briefing Wednesday. First he talked about Perry taking reps at QB and then got into the OLine options. What I found interesting was his staff discussion. As we assumed, Trautwein's familiarity with Addazio and the continuity he provided was critical in his hiring. Addazio also admitted that in the area of OLine, he gets involved personally.

On the Defense, he explained how Smith will carry on Pasqualoni's techniques. He also made reference to Campanile being "co-defensive coordinator" -- a title he doesn't carry on BC's official website. Maybe the title (and pay bump) was part of the package to keep him at BC when other schools came calling. 


Edward Griffith said...

JARED DUDLEY - #5 All time scorer at BC. 11 seasons a pro. Playing with seeing best
players in the world , many best coaches in basketball , absorbing all this gives him a
very different resume than typical high school ,college assistant coach etc.
DEVOTION TO BC qualifies him to do much more than PLAY CHEER LEADER.
Howard Eisley was O'Bie's floor general on BC's elite 8 squad and ran the offense 3 years.
Danya Abrams BC's greatest Big Man other than Bill Curley and Meta's analysis guy for
many years on BC basketball network. Meta very frequently goes to Danya to ask what BC
should be doing in a situation.
Coaching in D-1 is 60-70% recruiting. Something this trio would be excellent at.
Have followed BC bb intensley for 35 plus years so am aware of ACC involvement.
Jarmond should have BC game introductions done from Meta's broadcasts.
Why this unusual route since we are quite stingy financially I don't like being a way
stop. BC guys would hopefully sacrifice a bit.

CT said...

Score one for the Jesuits...

Loyola-Chicago over Miami...

I hate Miami.

knucklehead said...

Me too. Try to find the interview with the Loyola team Chaplain after the game.

CT said...

I saw it. The nun in the wheelchair. Don't see that on CBS very often. God was mentioned.

John said...

Missed it, and congratulations to Loyola/Chicago.

I think the ACC will be lucky to get a team into he Sweet Sixteen.

John said...

Tom Crean to UGA.

CvegasEagle said...

@Edward Griffith....not sure if you saw Dudley with the cheap shot tonight...but you can delay his head coaching career by 5 years after that. Disgraceful move