Thursday, March 15, 2018

Perry getting the snaps in Spring Ball

If you weren't convinced by the staffs belief in EJ Perry during Addazio's media session, then a spotlight pic and headline in the Eagle-Tribune should be your sign that this is Perry's chance to shine. The article echoed BC's report that Perry looked good scrambling and throwing the ball. McDonald is the current No. 2. 

Perry burned his redshirt last year to only play a few minutes in last year's UConn game. It seemed like a waste. This spring -- with Brown out -- is really his time. He is going to get the reps and focus he didn't not get last year. He needs to use this time wisely, because given how things have been under Addazio, the backup will play during the regular season.


Geezer eagle said...

The season hinges on QB play and mimimizing injuries.

knucklehead said...

Do you know something about Anthony Brown ? As I see it McDonald is the backup.

John said...

I am under the impression that Addazio said AB would be ready by September - but of course there are no guarantees.

Edward Griffith said...

AB ready in Sept should get us a 15-20 ranking.


Waiting for new women's coach.

Why doesn't Jim name Danya to staff to work with big men and for recruiting?

knucklehead said...

Auburn wins with 8 scholarship players and another team on with 6.

Fatigue excuse for the Eagles was bullshit. As previously stated.

knucklehead said...

Another team won with 6.

John said...

ACC sucks.

UVA just made history and the game wasn't close.