Thursday, March 08, 2018

Clemson ends BC's ACC Tourney run

BC's fun week came to an end Thursday as they lost to Clemson in the ACC Tournament. The commentators referenced BC playing its third game in three days as the primary source of the loss. While Bowman and Robinson didn't have their same burst early, many of BC's problems were self inflicted and unrelated to playing multiple days. BC played at Clemson's pace early and allowed a mediocre 3-point shooting team to take and make more than their usual 3-point shot selection.

BC cut their deficit to two late but couldn't tie it up or get any closer. A few bad possessions and Clemson locked down the game.

All in all, it was a good week. BC probably locked up an NIT bid and proved that they can compete with any NIT team. Now let's go win that thing!


Edward Griffith said...

Great Tourney run by Jim and kids. Next year with Deonate Higgins and Robinson (Hopefully)
at least semi-finals. If they return also a top 20 16-17.
Baseball pitching has been woeful leading into ACC.
Softball playing well against very strong teams.
A new exciting women's bb coach soon?

JBQ said...

Let's see if they keep their players. These are kids from poor families. Coaches make millions. What does a poor kid do with an "almost" BC degree in the world of meth, heroin, and poverty?---The newest ploy from the radical left in Congress is to legitimatize drugs in order to then take the drug dealers into the legal world as a type of cottage industry. Just where does BC or for that matter any Jesuit college fit into the scheme of things? Louisville proved with Pitino that they "fit in".--- A background in philosophy does what for families that are starving? Read comments from LeBron on offers that he received to not turn pro. He said that he was poor and would "not be poor much longer". It is all about the philosophy of W.E.B. DuBois versus George Washington Carver, the intellectual versus the practical. Who can say that Rickie P. was not practical?-----LeBron went to a Catholic school in Akron in St. Vincent. In general, he appears honorable. In the way that the system works, it "ain't workin'. BC "has the smarts". Let's figure it out.---DePaul figured it out one way. They gutted their men's b-ball program and scrubbed away any memory of Ray Meyer which included his son. Jean Lenti married one of the players, Joey Poinsetto, and used that as a rung to become athletic director. They are now "almost" perennial champions behind UConn. This is dysfunctional Chicago where you accentuate the fracturing of the family in order to create the perfect society. BC are you listening? Look over the cliff and into the bottomless pit.

Joseph said...

"ploy from the radical left". This remark is pure and simple BS. How about names and quotes? You make it sound as if there were an organized group that has published a manifesto.

What do you mean by a "background in philosophy". My degree is in physics and like all had plenty of very worthwhile courses in philosophy.

Any kid with a degree From BC can make a decent life if that is what they choose.

Please go back and read your screed and maybe rewrite it so that it flows and makes sense. As is, it rambles and stumbles like someone on drugs or booze.

There is no reason in the world that an institution cannot excel in education and athletics and adhere to goals of morality and decency. Not easy, but possible.

Edward Griffith said...

We are all here for the glory of BC.
Last nights joy was watching the fake Irish pounded into submission 88-70 and our 3-point
tormentor cranking up misfire after mis-fire.
If he is an under class man he must be dealt with next year.

John said...

Nice run, guys and you never quit.

Not quite as sharp from the free throw line and a costly turnover with about 3 minutes to play which stopped our momentum - and some missed threes late = difference in the game.

We deserved to be there and hats off to Clemson for withstanding our charge.

I hope we're in the NIT.


BPH said...

Hey JBQ: Jerome Robinson is likely the only player on the team who might consider going pro after this season. Far from being a poor kid from the world of meth and heroin, his father played professional ball in Europe for 9 years. As for a philosophy degree, he's enrolled in the Carroll School of Management, so he's likely more familiar with double entry accounting than Kant. If he does decide to go pro after this year it's because he can earn north of $500K per year playing basketball. His business education at Boston College will help him manage and invest his hard earned money. I do agree with Joseph, your post is rambling and makes no sense. The basketball program made great strides this season and they were a pleasure to watch. Ever To Excel!