Saturday, April 21, 2018

BC hosts ALS/Frates Day at Fenway

More than 5,000 people showed up to watch BC take on Florida State at Fenway as part of the annual ALS Awareness Game. It was the event's largest crowd. Unfortunately the team didn't send the fans and Frates home with a win, falling to Florida State 13-7. With the loss, BC falls to 5-15 in ACC play.

But the bright spot of the day is what this does to help Frates and continue to keep his fight against ALS in the public eye. It has been four years since the Ice Bucket Challenge and Pete's and his family's work and fight continue to amaze.


Napolean Bonaparte said...

Let's see - we scored 19 runs in the last two games and lost both of 'em. That's crazy. Not sure what the problem is - either we need a new pitching coach or we need to up our recruiting effort on better pitchers. We've lost about 7 games this year by 2 or fewer runs. But we've lost more games by many more runs. Seems we have had a problem scoring runs as well. Baseball is a tough game for a cold weather school like ours in a league like ours. Love the game but I would have dropped it in favor of men's Lacrosse years ago. That is out of the question now with the new ballpark investment. That being the case - it's well past time to take a hard look at our coaching staff's dismal overall record since 2011: 173-246 overall and 70-154 in the ACC. Gambino has had 8 years - he's more than had a fair opportunity. Time to move on.

CT said...

That is the most confusing and uninspiring post yet. Pitching coach? Yeah. Fire him. That’ll do it. Hitting coach? Fire him.


Drop baseball for a niche sport that will never be national. Great. ADs all of you.

Edward Griffith said...

Xavier a cold weather school is often in NCAA tournament.
Father Monan moved BC to near Ivy status so if we are going to go the niche route
why not rowing which carries great class and prestige with it. BC now a national school.
Dropping baseball just a BAD idea.
WOMEN"S softball takes 2of 3 from fake Irish in their drive for NCAA tournament.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Sorry for not inspiring you CT. Okay genius - what's your non deluded suggestion? Just keep paying the same people year after year in return for continually losing year after year? Or are the excuses so significant that you keep everyone on - in which case you question the viability of a program that will never run out of excuses.