Sunday, April 22, 2018

Looking at BC's 990 form

The Heights did their usual reporting on BC's 990 tax filing doc. Being a private school, this is one of the few times we can get real information as to what BC is doing and where they are spending money. Part of the filing includes compensation of "key employees." There are a few predictable salaries and some trends that might be interesting.

1. Addazio, Christian, York, etc. As expected, Addazio is the highest paid BC employee (with a base comp of $2.4 M and another of amount of $54k). It doesn't say what the $54K is. Many non-sports employees have a similar number. Perhaps a bonus, or credited offset for tuition or maybe access to a leased car. I don't know. Christian is getting 1.4 (which is low for the ACC). York gets 600k. This was also one of those years where we didn't pay for fired coaches. And even though Bates got 600k in this filing, he won't be on next year's.

2. No other sports salaries listed. BC included Leo Sullivan on here even though he only made 190k in his semi-retirement role. There are other Athletic Department employees including some coordinators, assistant coaches and key leadership who made more than that but are not listed. I don't know how or why BC picks the employees they do include.

3. Non-athletic salaries continue to grow. Next time a member of the BC community criticizes the cost for sports, point him or her to this doc. Once again, the compensation for BC's leadership continues to rise. I am not begrudging anyone his or her salary. And I understand that despite the non-profit status, BC remains a huge operation and these people are in charge of millions in revenue and thousands of people (students and staff). I also know the cost of living in Boston and how the salaries across higher ed continue to grow. I don't know when the market corrections impacting colleges will (if ever) hit BC, but it will be interesting to see how the school adjusts its overhead staff accordingly.


Tim said...

York is a bargain.

bceagle91 said...

York is indeed a bargain. Addazio is about the middle of the pack for the ACC so I can't complain about what he gets. He'd be the lowest paid coach in the SEC West by far. Christian's pay and the team's results seem to go hand in hand. If you want to play the big-time sports, you've got to pay.