Friday, May 18, 2018

First two football games will be online

BC released the TV schedule for the first two games and BC is not on TV (technically). Both the UMass and Holy Cross game will be broadcast on the ACC Network Extra, which is the ACC brand on the ESPN online platform. Given that they are local games, there is always the chance that a regional sports channel in New England could pick them up. The picture quality and production of these ACC games is greatly improved. My only complaint is that the internet games still have some lags and buffering.

Our first game on traditional TV will be the Thursday night game against Wake. That will be on ESPN.


NYCEagle said...

I keep reading from outside sources that this team will be lucky to win 6 games because of their daunting schedule. Am I the only one who thinks that absurdly undersells the talent on this team? Correct me if I’m wrong but FSU had 35 4 or 5 star players who DID play in the BC game last year and we wiped the floor with them anyway, while also starting a freshman QB of our own. NC State lost key pieces all over their defense, and Louisville lost the one player who has made them relevant for the last 3 years. Yet we’re predicted to finish behind all of those teams in the Atlantic? I hope this team doesn’t listen to the outside noise. BC isn’t the pushover it’s been made out to be. This team should be expecting to finish second in the division and pushing Clemson for first. Anything less is a failure

NEDofSavinHill said...

The conventional wisdom is usually wrong. The national pundits are clueless. Their picking BC to finish last is a gift to the coaches who can motivate the players. NYCE is correct. Just over three months to kickoff.

Edward Griffith said...

Nine or Ten "FOR BOSTON " And then shove it down their throats. SHOW THEM BIG TIME.


Unknown said...

"Predictions be damned," as legendary sports scribe Red Ruffensore used to say, "That's why we play the games."

Go Eagles

mod34b said...

So where are the 7 wins?

1. umass
2. Holy cross
3. @wake
4. @purdue
5. Temple
6. @NC State
7. Louisville
8. Miami
9. @VT
10. Clemson
11. @FSU
12. Syracuse

Anonymous said...


Might lose 4 and pick one up 8-11(Nine wins is right there for us). Miami here on Friday will be a tough for the Hurricanes. National media wants them to be great - that game will be a toss up at home - they aren't great yet.

Not sure what the concern is with 7-9 regular season games based on last season.

Stop being a bitch who worries about everyone else and focus on your team.

There is a legitimate concern after this season that the defense will deteriorate especially the secondary. So this is a big year for the Eagles. They need to generate some positive attention this season and finish in the Top 25 or with 9 wins to keep the talent coming into the program.

mod34b said...

Thanks for your thoughtful reply bitch. You even were thoughtful enough to add an unneeded insult. Spectacular The self hatred is deep.

NYCEagle said...

1,2,4,5,6,7,8,12. That’s 8 wins. NC State and Louisville will both be taking a step back this year. Purdue on the road does not scare me. Wake on a Thursday night on the road will be tough to overcome on a short week, but they lose their starting QB. Miami may have been the most overrated team in the country last year. They barely got by a FSU team we blew out, and got blown out by a Clemson team we were tied with 7-7 going into the fourth quarter. Bet the house on that game with them coming up to Boston on our Red Bandana Night (and hopefully there’s some chilly weather)

mod34b said...

W for 1 2 5 12

50/50 for 3,4, 6, 7 8

L for rest

A 7 win season possible. 8 wins could happen.

But 5 wins could the max too

Let’s not forget that BC has the worst game coach in the ACC

JBQ said...

There will be nine man lines to stop Dillon who is awesome. I don't think that Brown will be ready. These injuries take an awful long time to heal and his was a non contact injury. He will be back but not yet. It all depends on "what the meaning of 'is' is" and if the young quarterback fills the void. McDonald has the blood lines with an All Pac-10 dad.----If the Dazzler runs Dillon till he is hurt, then we will have a new coach by Thanksgiving. If he runs a diversified offense, then the sky is the limit. Dillon is the "real deal" and a legitimate Heisman candidate as a sophomore and 240 lbs. ---The question has to do with the quality of the receivers. White is legitimate. The rest are pretenders. Rich Gunnell is on the coaching staff. Give him some quality to work with along with White. Sweeney has "hands of stone". There are some young tight ends who could be the answer.---BC is building a legitimate contender. Let's hope that the Dazzler doesn't screw it up and lets Loeffler and Reid do what they were hired to do. If he does that, then BC will be 10-2.

knucklehead said...