Saturday, May 19, 2018

Women's Lax wins thriller to advance to Final Four

Watch the video below. That was during the second OT as BC closed out Stony Brook in a back and forth thriller Saturday. BC will now get a shot at Maryland, the team that ended BC's season last year just short of a championship.


JBQ said...

So, when will the "bois" get LAX? That would be never. Jim Brown would roll over in his grave and he isn't even dead yet.

Edward Griffith said...



Hope Coach Gambino can find an equivalent for baseball and that
they are going WEST again to Pepperdine and Loyola Marymoubt for 4 games each and stopping
in Dallas for a series with Dallas Baptist on their way to Florida.

mod34b said...

Bring back lax. Make baseball had the worst conf and overall record in Acc.

Bc lost also to Harvard, Northeastern, Yukon and Bryant. Bc was the worst baseball program in Zboston

As a result, BC launched an investigation to see if any of the players who identified as male might actually be girls

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Baseball here forever now with the stadium investment. Have to at least take a hard look at Gambino and his what - 8 years now? Men's lacrosse still makes sense for BC but seems unlikely to happen because of hockey. We have 15 women's teams currently and 12 men's (by the ACC's count plus hockey). If we had 13 mens sports - we'd be, for example, even with Duke in total NCAA teams fielded. But the cost of carrying hockey would likely make our total cost burden far exceed anyone else's in the ACC and dropping a handful of the remaining men's non revenue programs probably wouldn't even get us close. So doubt men's lacrosse ever arrives at BC without major long term funding from the outside. Before the stadium investment - men's lacrosse probably depended on replacing baseball.

Edward Griffith said...

Boston is a center for great rowing Harvard , Northeastern , good rowing BU , as well as
club rowing. The Charles is one of the great rowing venues of the nation.
Father Monan made BC a national university and raised it to near elite status which
would argue for dramatically upgrading the men's and women's rowing programs.
The great baseball success of 2016 would certainly indicate that we can do it in baseball.
Football will be utterly dependent on the successful return of Anthony Brown.
A minimum of 8 wins or DUMP Dazzle-Not from the Heights.