Monday, June 11, 2018

ACC rules make Bey signing unlikely

Short summary on basketball player Saddiq Bey. Top rated basketball recruit signs with NC State. NC State also picks up an elite transfer so they push out Bey and release him from his Letter of Intent. Bey looks at new schools including BC and Wake. The ACC says if he goes to either of those schools he will have to sit out two seasons.This is not an NCAA rule. It is an ACC rule. Bey has wisely moved his focus onto non-ACC schools like Villanova.

There was a small window where it seemed like Bey might join BC, but now I can't see it happening. Why would he make such sacrifices?

BC still has an open scholarship. Look for more targets to emerge soon.


NYCEagle said...

The pool of talent is drying up. We’ll likely wind up with a non-ACC caliber player to fill the last scholarship. Similar to our class 2 years ago with a guy like Avery Wilson who has no other power 5 offers

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Probably right. Not sure how this rule helps the ACC. But it certainly helped the Big East in this case.

ObserverCollege said...

I love this. NC State jilts the kid late in the process, and then the ACC effectively prevents him from signing with a rival ACC school. Brilliant work on NC State's part, to freeze recruits who could go to ACC competitors. Very smart.

mod34b said...
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Geezer eagle said...

Mod, have you ever consider a career in stand-up comedy?

Geezer eagle said...


Edward Griffith said...

Danya Abrams one of BC's great all time big men would help Jim with big men and recruiting
where Christian is notoriously weak.

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Deacon Drake said...

Rule protects the power teams (Duke, UNC) that often oversell playing time and recruit more than they can put on the floor... keeps them from going to a competitor.