Sunday, June 10, 2018

Valecce throwing and other links

Here is video of future Eagle Matt Valecce throwing.

Jerome Robinson is working out for the Atlanta Hawks. (Another Eagle in Atlanta.)
Here is BC's article on the various former Eagles who have gone on to win the Stanley Cup.


JBQ said...

The criticism of the Addazio philosophy of offense is that he recruits quarterbacks just to hand off the ball and to attempt to confuse the defense by throwing every so often. It started with Andre Williams and you have to know that will be the strategy with Dillon. The danger will be that nine man lines will stop the 240 pounder and future NFL star and cost Addazio his job. The projection of 5.5 wins is just not acceptable. If Addazio can run a diversified offense, BC could win 9 games. If he wins but five, it won't matter. He will be gone.

Geezer eagle said...

I have never seen such a dull, unimaginative offense as the one dazoshit runs.

JBQ said...

There have been instances where he has taken the shackles off Loeffler. The bowl game against Maryland in December '16 is an example. BC ran wild in the first half with Toelles. The second half was a different story and Maryland came within an eyelash of winning.--The difference here is that the Dazzler is on the clock. He either produces this year or even Father Leahy helps him pack. If they win 5.5 games as projected, he is toast.---- If he would just let Loeffler do his job, BC would win 9 games. Loeffler was fantastic at VT in developing qbs. He wants to ride Dillon to a 7-5 season. I have lots of confidence in McDonald and/or Brown. He did it at Temple and he will do it next season at BC.