Thursday, June 14, 2018

An OLine fact you will hear a lot in the coming weeks

Did you know BC enters the season with the second most combined starts of returning Offensive Lineman? (Wisconsin is first.) I mention this because I am reading it in preview after preview. It is also encouraging for a team that is going to focus on its ground game.

Considering Addazio's reputation as an OLine guru, one of the most disappointing aspects of the disastrous 2015 season was the Oline play. I was surprised and frustrated that Addazio didn't have his thin and young crew playing better. They improved in 2016 but were still not great. The start of 2017 was more of the same, but then -- about four games in -- they really started to click. Dillon gets a lot of the credit for the spark last year, but it really started up front.

Now -- with that much more experience -- and more weapons on offense and a punishing runner behind them, this should be one of the best OLines in the country.


John said...

There is a definite correlation between experience and success.

The OLine certainly needs depth and plenty of redshirts. We're not quite there yet, but much closer than at any other time with Addazio's own players.

When a true freshman starts now, it's because the guy is a super talent,not because of pure necessity.

This is a nice place to be. Very good, big, experienced in the system, experienced with each other, experienced in the league = much better chance to succeed - and open those holes and running lanes.

It will be interesting to see what develops with Petrula and Baker. I really like Ben at center, but we'll see.

I'm just a fan - no expert.


Unknown said...

Do you keep Petrula at center and kick Baker to guard?

mod34b said...
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Eagle Esquire said...

I’m expecting an Oline on par with 2014’s team, which was very formidable. They were also very experienced. I’ll never forget Mark May saying they put forth a yeomens effort after the USC game. Man was that a great week to be a BC fan. Too bad CSU took the wind out of that sail. Here’s me being cautiously optimistic about next year. Go BC!

NYCEagle said...

Mod how pessimistic can you be? BC was a top 25 team in rushing last year and Dillon only started the last 5 games. This should be the best Oline in the ACC

Geezer eagle said...

Mod, you do tend to be a killjoy. We are about to enter a new season. Hope springs eternal. BC football has been through so much disappointment and bad luck, maybe, just maybe, this is our year.

bceagle91 said...

It's a good thing we have an experienced line. We're going to be relying on Dillon and Mod's right in that the opposition will probably be putting at least 8 in the box and try to have Brown beat them. If you have a good O-line, you always have a chance. The early part of the season has our usual relatively easy out of conference schedule. Plus, Wake suspended their starting QB for the first 3 games. I thought that game was very winnable before, but even more so now.

I'm just tired of beating up on the Little Sisters of the Poor, struggling in the conference and ending up 7-6 every year. Maybe this is the year things come together and we win 9 like the TOB days.

Jazzyg said...

Well if the box is stacked with 8 all game no line will look good rushing the ball. That may be mods point. We gonna need an to loosen up the rush d. Then the onlines talent will shine.

Jazzyg said...

AB gotta make some throws to soften up the d.

Anonymous said...

Good article in the Boston Globe today about the Eagles. Preseason coverage is also good to see.

Not sure the defense this season is going to be a good as it has been the last 4-5 years. So the QB will have to help put up more points.

Would like to see Kobay White used on jet sweeps and passing options off the jet sweep like Amidon was used a few years ago.

Sweeney will have a big year. He will be a NFL TE for 5-10 years. Under appreciated.

Edward Griffith said...

QB is the key if Brown or someone does a good-very good job we will win a lot. we need a
good passing game to help Dillon's rumbles become big gainers and so he has some gas left
for the Toughies down the stretch. Time to make a decent BOWL GAME.

mod34b said...
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CT said...

Yes. OL could be among the best.

Ur comparing us to CU? We play in an amazing division. And I think we will still have the best OL.

Dan said...

Oline will be strong, Dillon is a beast. Just hope AB adds enough of a threat through the air or else we will have a repeat of Andre 3000 getting run so much he separated his shoulder by the end of the year.