Friday, June 15, 2018

Good buzz on Robinson

According to Adam Himmelsback, Jerome Robinson is a hot name heading into the NBA Draft. Once considered a second rounder, some teams supposedly want him as early as the teens. That's obviously good for Jerome as the higher he is taken the more guaranteed money he will get. The key for long-term success though is getting on the right team. Robinson's offensive game is pretty versatile. As long as his D is solid, he should get plenty of playing time next year.


JBQ said...

As a fan of the Utah Jazz, he has been brought in by them for a close look. They draft at 21 and he will go before then. Actually, that makes the BC coach look good for his development.

Edward Griffith said...

KEY FOR Success is being able to recruit like Al Skinner did.
ADD DANYA to Staff JIM !!!!!!!!!!!!

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