Tuesday, June 26, 2018

CORRECTED: Basketball finds elite guard

[EDITED: Heath is a 2019 recruit. My mistake. He won't be part of this team. Still a solid get.]

For a long time it looked like BC would use its open scholarship on a transfer. Instead they found one of the remaining, uncommitted elite recruits in Jay Heath. He committed Tuesday. Heath is from the D.C area, so given our recruiting staff, it was a natural fit and find. Spinelli has been listed as his primary recruiter. He also had offers from Georgetown and Kansas State.

I am always a bit skeptical with summer recruits for basketball. Other than Jared Dudley, I can't remember a late flier working out. This feels a bit different. Without Robinson, this roster became attractive to a certain type of player. Heath believes he can plug in with our returning and new talent and excel. Let's hope he is right. Welcome aboard.


Scott said...

Isn’t Heath a 2019 recruit?

Matt said...

Yeah he’s 2019 it’s getting late in ATL. Great commit though!

CT said...

I liked how his coach said the one thing he could really develop is passing.

Btw, the reasons stated for BC: honest coaches, scheme fit, Robinson’s lottery, Bowman’s future draft, school/class size.

Says he wants to play in the NBA.

And yes, 2019.

Expecting a pretty good RB to commit soon, too.

NYCEagle said...

This kid can score, that’s for sure. It’s looking like him and Tabbs will take the backcourt reigns after Bowman leaves for the draft next year. We beat out schools like Georgetown (in his backyard, which is significant), KState, VCU, and regional rival Rhode Island. Good to see BC becoming more of a viable destination for good recruits. Also awesome to see Robinson’s development already paying dividends

Unknown said...

They were nothing before Dillon and he is the draw this season. They certainly don’t want to talk up Addazio!

Napolean Bonaparte said...

CT - That 4* RB just committed - good news!

Edward Griffith said...

Recruit like Al Skinner. Great BC basketball years.

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