Monday, June 25, 2018

Herren Jr already at BC

We knew that Chris Herren Jr was interested in BC, but his decision to enroll now as a preferred walk-on came together relatively quickly. Aside from not getting a scholarship, there is little downside for Herren. Maybe he thinks he can get some of Robinson's shots and minutes. And if he breaks into the regular rotation, I am sure he will get a scholarship.

The issue with Herren Jr was never really about basketball. His family and his father's legacy at BC is say the least. His uncle Mike had a short, troubled career at BC. Chris Sr allegedly committed to BC in part to fulfill his brother's potential. We know how that ended. I hope Chris Jr is coming to BC without any burden.

These things are always complicated (look at the expectations of the second generation of Fluties). I hope Chris Jr has a great career and establishes himself as more than a walk-on and more than just his father's kid.


Erik said...

So now BC's got Ron Dayne's kid, Mike Vrabel's kid, Chris Herren's kid, and Vin Baker's kid on campus. I'm feeling extra old.

Unknown said...
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Craig said...

And Darryl Strawberry's daughter for volleyball.

Unknown said...

In a way, you gotta feel for the kids, dealing with some legendary parents (well, ok, tiny violins). It's gotta be real tough being Vin Baker's kid, in some respects. That guy was amazing

Knucklehead said...

It has to be tough being Dean Smith's kid watching his father get his ass kicked by Boston College and then whining about it on National television.

Or any of the myriad of children of North Carolina athletes whose parents went to diploma mill.

Edward Griffith said...

The elite 8 was just a season past (Bill Curley ,Howard Eisely , Girard Abram ,
Malcolm Huckabee ) had just graduated and as Sports Illustrated stated BC awaited the
arrival of SUPER MAN Chris Herren. Watching the games that early season and waiting for our
game I was stunned when the announcers reported BC fans looking forward to Chris Herren's
leading the new BC team to glory there was some very bad news .Herren had been injured and
was out for the season. Both the team and Chris went into a tailspin.
Best of luck to the son.
Before Al Skinner and individual totally devoted to BC ,Jim O'Brien who had finally
rounded up a truly great collection of recruits ran a foul of the director of admissions and
the president who didn't think Jim bowed low enough and Jim was gone.

Geezer eagle said...

Those O'Brien recruits were simply not academically qualified. Period. This is another example of the "win at all costs" mentality that dominates this forum.

Siena Smith said...

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