Saturday, June 30, 2018

Herren Jr talks BC


John said...

And like wow! I'll be like happy to see him like play. ☺️

I wish him the best! Shoot the lights out. It will be nice to have every player on the floor capable of scoring.

Geezer eagle said...

Happy to see some local New England kids recruited. Let's get back to our roots.

downtown_resident said...

Go easy, John. He's an 18-year old kid.

John said...

I apologize, and it certainly appeared as though it was a personal attack.

The fact that I said I wished him the best was not enough.

So I apologize to you, Mr. Chris Herren, Jr and to all on this blog and to your coaches and teammates and classmates.

Thanks for choosing BC. Judging by your videos, you can create space and put the ball in the hoop. I look forward to watching your contribution to the Eagles.

We are behind you all the way!

Go BC!