Friday, June 22, 2018

How many offers does BC need to fill a class?

If you follow social media, you see how often BC offers football scholarships to players. But no one has counted those until now. As of June 22, the Rivals' database has BC offering up 257 scholarships to members of the Class of 2019. For perspective that is 16th most of the Power 5. From those 257 offers, BC will lock in a class in the low 20s.

The 257 number will also grow. If you follow Addazio's recruiting, things tend to come in waves. It looks like they makes offers, see who accepts and move on from those who don't show real interest. Once a player locks in, the staff makes another wave of offers to fill other slots as needed.

There are some schools that are much more selective. But I have no problem with Addazio's approach. As long as he is improving the talent and getting good players, who cares that he has to send out dozens for every one real prospect?


CT said...

Pretty interesting.

JBQ said...

Thank the good Lord, the Dazzler is on the clock. He could win 9 and is projected to win 5.5. If he goes 7-6 as in three of the last four years (the other was 3-9), he will thankfully be "old news". He will be given every chance and hopefully he will succeed and bring glory to BC, The early games with @Wake, @Purdue, Temple will tell the story. UMass and HC don't count. If Holy Cross can pull a "Coconut Grove", then it will be over early.

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