Thursday, June 21, 2018

Robinson becomes first BC lottery pick

With the 13th pick in the NBA Draft, the Los Angeles Clippers selected Jerome Robinson. Surprisingly this is the first time a BC player has been selected that high in the Lottery era. Congrats to Jerome. Clearly the decision to leave early was correct and paid off for him. He will get a significant guaranteed contract.

Robinson also carried himself well in the post Draft interviews and represented BC well. Jim Christian was in Brooklyn for the Draft and received a hug as Robinson worked his way towards the stage. Hopefully the staff is already leveraging Robinson's success and development as a recruiting tool.

I wish Robinson had been selected by a better team with a more clear path ahead. I don't know if Doc Rivers is the right guy to develop Robinson at the next level. One thing to like about the Clippers is that supposedly Clippers' Adviser Jerry West loves Robinson. That sort of endorsement should lead to organizational support for his development.

Good luck to Jerome. I don't care about the Clippers, but will be rooting for him.


NYCEagle said...

This is a reminder of one thing and one thing only: scoring never goes out of style

JBQ said...

Evaluators remark that the Clippers have a logjam at guard. This could mean that Robinson will be traded. The Clippers are in a transition period. Who knows what will happen with Robinson. Nevertheless, this is quite a significant plateau for BC basketball.