Tuesday, July 31, 2018

ACC Coaches finally have something nice to say about BC

Every year the best part of Athlon's College Football preview is the anonymous quote from a rival coach. The types of comments fall into three categories:

1. The rare gushing. Usually saved for Alabama. This has a coach saying "they do everything right...blah blah blah." It is complimentary but a bit detached as if the great team is unattainable and not really a fair comparison.

2. The backhanded compliment. "They do a lot with a little. Well coached, but the talent isn't there, etc" These are usually the type of comments people make about BC. It is harmless but clearly condescending.

3. Something really catty. This is when a coach makes an outright criticism of a team, usually in a demeaning or dismissive way. "I don't know what they are doing..." BC would get this on occasion.

This summer's Athlon profile of BC is unique. Take a look.

-- "Our coaches were laughing when watching game tape of (AJ) Dillon. Not laughing at him, laughing at how ridiculously good he is."-- An opposing ACC assistant coach

What a surprise. It is deserved praise for Dillon and refreshingly candid. It also doesn't dismiss him or BC. Respect, I guess. It feels nice.


ccw said...

Why do we deserve respect? We're a 500 team lucky to make a bowl each year in a division where half of teams do so.

Knucklehead said...
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Knucklehead said...

Shut up and watch.

Georgia Eagle said...

Knuck, I really hope you are right. This is the put up or shut up year for dazoshit

Edward Griffith said...

That is if Leahy and Company don't protect their chosen.
8 wins or more he deserves another year . Not more.

bceagle91 said...

Knuck, you're exactly right. Tee the ball up and let's see what happens. What others think - pollsters, other coaches and so forth, is irrelevant. Results matter. The rest is just bloviating. With the schedule we have, 8+ wins or Daz needs to go. Yet another 7-6 season while playing the Little Sisters of the Poor out of conference won't cut it.

John said...

Purdue will put that on the bulletin board.

Georgia Eagle said...

Purdue is the pivotal game. Win that one along with all the cupcakes and we are on our way to a 8-4 regular season.

JBQ said...

It might be nice to relate what happened to BC in 1942 against HC. There was a big celebration planned at the Cocoanut Grove Night Club. They were clobbered and the event was cancelled. The club burned down and 492 people lost their lives.---There will be no repeat from Holy Cross and Purdue is indeed the game of note.

NEDofSavinHill said...

Purdue is an unimportant contest as is VT. One is non conference. The other is non division. The games in the division are most important. Two road games of less significance. BC can accomplish everything they want if they beat their division foes. Easier said than done.

Georgia Eagle said...

JBQ, enough taking us down memory lane with the Coconut Grove story.
Need, Purdue is important for momentum and bowl placement.

Knucklehead said...

JBQ, You have something you want to get off your chest anout the fire?

mod34b said...

the athlon anonymous quotes.. not the nicest

"It’s just such a tough place to win. They were better, more formidable when they were in the Big East because it was easier to recruit against those teams. Steve (Addazio) is doing about the best he can do there."

"That team begins and ends with AJ Dillon. Holy cow, what a player he is. If he were running around in the backfield at Clemson, he’d be a top-five Heisman Trophy guy. Then again, he might not be getting the carries needed to be a Heisman guy in that backfield. Too much sharing going on there. BC, on the other hand, just feeds him game after game."

"I can remember at one point, our coaches were laughing when watching game tape of Dillon. Not laughing at him, laughing at how ridiculously good he is."

"They’re always if not the most, one of the top three, physical teams in our conference. Look, when you play that group, you’re going to get beaten up. That’s how Steve coaches those guys."

"They’ve got to get better at quarterback. (Anthony) Brown was just a freshman last year, and he has a chance to be better. He made a lot of poor decisions."

"At least once a year, they’re going to win a game they shouldn’t because they’re simply tougher than the other guy."

Georgia Eagle said...

And once a year they lose a game they should win. Remember Colorado State?

downtown_resident said...

Yes I do, GA Eagle. That was Addazio's best shot to crack the top 25 during his five seasons at BC. Too bad he frittered away a two-touchdown lead at home to a team that had traveled 2,500 miles to play a game at 9 a.m. their time.

Georgia Eagle said...

Dazoshit loses games. The players win some despite his mediocrity.

del olio said...


CT said...

I believe CSU is in the Mountain time zone, but your point remains a good one.

Last year’s bowl game ticked me off, too.

If it’s any consolation, ESPN just put out their Top 25 rankings and BC came in...others receiving votes. So I think even some national people have one eye on us.

Brown just can’t throw it to the other team. Punting is okay when you’ve got a good defense. I’m weirdly optimistic this season. Looking forward to it.

eagleboston said...

I think this BC team will be better but it may not show up in the win total. Miami is resurgent. Clemson is almost impossible to beat. Purdue is a sleeper and that game is on the road. That is going to be a tough battle for BC. Most BC fans are over-looking Purdue, a team that beat Iowa last year. Wake and NC State always seem to be 50-50 match-ups. Va Tech is on the road. We should beat Louisville at home but I'm not so sure about Florida State on the road. I'm guessing they are going to want to rectify the 2017 beat down.

So, if they lose to Clemson, Purdue, Va Tech, Miami and NC State/Wake, that is 5 losses and we have not even factored in Fl State yet.

That's a brutal schedule, folks. On the bright side, I had Louisville and Fl State chalked up as losses in 2017, so if I am wrong again, that should get us to 7-8 wins. 9 wins would require a scenario where we win all of the even games and have no major injuries. Could happen, but not likely.

John said...

Ryan Day, Interim Head Coach, tOSU.


Stay tuned for NEWS!

CT said...

Yeah. He picked a noted douchebag as a mentor. Meyer at UF made San Quentin’s flag football team look like soup kitchen volunteers. The shenanigans at Florida were ridiculous. Plus he faked heart issues to leave the SEC because...Saban.

Georgia Eagle said...

Good analysis, EagleBoston. I completely agree.

Knucklehead said...

He knew he was dealing with fruitcakes too because he purposefully paired up Tebow with Aaron Hernandez as roommates. The odd couple.

I love the fear of Wake Forest, NC State, Purdue and Louisville. We will do fine against those teams.

You should be concerned with Temple and Syracuse. It would be vintage Boston College to beat Purdue, go into Temple 4-0 and lose or beat FSU in shitsville Tallahassee and then lose to Syracuse.

To reiterate for the impaired. The concerns should be Temple and Syracuse.

John said...

If Dungey stays healthy, Syracuse is a big issue

downtown_resident said...

Enough of this "brutal schedule" stuff. It's a tougher-than-average schedule, but it's arguably only the third or fourth toughest schedule just in the ACC Atlantic Division. Most importantly, our non-conference schedule was tailor-made by Bates and Daz to be as weak as possible with the bare minimum single P5 opponent, Purdue, which enjoyed a surprising turnaround last season (fooled you, Daz) but is still a very winnable game.

Here's our Atlantic brethren's top two non-conference and crossover games:

FSU-- vs. Florida, @ Notre Dame, @ Miami, vs. Virginia Tech.
Louisville-- vs. Alabama in Orlando, vs. Kentucky, Georgia Tech, @ Virginia.
Clemson-- @ Texas A&M, vs. South Carolina, @ Georgia Tech, vs. Duke.
BC-- @ Purdue, vs. Temple, vs. Miami, @ Virginia Tech.

FSU's schedule is undebatably tougher than BC's. Louisville's and Clemson's OOC schedules are far and away tougher than BC's, particularly with those #2 OOC games against their rivals. Or try being Louisville and playing Alabama in your opener! Yes, Louisville and Clemson play weaker crossover games than ours, but the disparity isn't enough to make up for BC's much easier non-conference slate.

And that doesn't even get into some of the tougher schedules around the country and outside our own division-- go check out the schedules that Nebraska, LSU, Michigan, Georgia Tech, Pitt and Notre Dame play, just for starters.

Yes, to demonstrate progress-- nine wins or eight plus a major upset (Clemson or Miami)-- BC will need to beat some good teams. But that is not too much to ask from a coach in his sixth year returning a wealth of talent on both sides of the ball.

downtown_resident said...

I also think VT will not live up to their preseason rankings and that game will not be as tough as we believe right now. Yes, Foster is an awesome DC, but they lost a ton of guys on defense. Their QB play also dropped off over the last 1/3 of last season.

Knucklehead said...
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