Monday, July 30, 2018

Another solid pick up for Addazio

The recruiting momentum continued as BC added a Florida OLine prospect to their current recruiting class. Maurice Smith's verbal means another 3 star with plenty of suitors. His Power 5 offers included Mississippi State and Indiana. He's from Miami Central, so he's playing against elite competition. (Miami had yet to offer.)

Smith's height may be keeping some of Florida's bigger programs away, but I trust Brian White on Florida guys. (White is listed as one of his recruiters, along with new OL coach Phil Trautwein.)

Addazio tends to slow down recruiting once practices start, so I expect a small spike this week and then things to cool off as the staff shifts their focus back to getting the players ready.


NYCEagle said...

Was hoping it would be JD Duplain taking that spot, but for a Plan B I can’t complain. We’ve done an excellent job of developing unheralded offensive line recruits going back decades. I doubt that changes anytime soon

JBQ said...

Everything is positive going into the season. The "glass is half full" but could quickly change to "half empty". Lots of euphoria going into the season. Let's hope and pray that it all works out. ---The HC game is a reminder of just how things can go south very quickly. In the 40s, it was Coconut Grove and it was life or death. Because BC lost, lives were saved when they cancelled the party.

BCEagles2014 said...

JBQ, I must ask why you are so fixated with the same stories; e.g. Brad Bates at the dentist office, John Fish owning Suffolk Construction, the fire at Coconut Grove. I do not mean any disrespect, but have noticed you always repeat these stories.

Geezer eagle said...

Yes. Why the repeat stories about CocanuC Grove? It was a horrible tragedy but live in the present.

JBQ said...

@BCEagles2014, @GeorgiaEagle: BC football is mediocre. John Fish is super successful. So, why wasn't he allowed to bring the same quest for success to athletics? The dentist issue has to do with the wife of Martin Jarmond and why he was hired. ----It was through his wife in Columbus and Urban Meyer. His only expertise was in scheduling and the Rev. red head's quest for social justice. There are plenty of successful African-American athletic directors out there with plenty of expertise. Jarmond is not one of them.---Holy Cross plays BC the second game. In November of 1942, BC was a heavy favorite and lost. It is all about overcoming misfortune. Just think if BC lost again. That would be devastating. If Dillon runs against a nine man line, it could happen again. I believe that it will be close at halftime and maybe HC scores first.---We are connected to the past. We build on past success and not on misfortune. So, why has Addazio been allowed to hang around. He is worse than Spaziani. Then, Brad Bates gives him a three year extension. So, where was John Fish? He had no authority and it was approved by the red headed president.---The mediocrity of the football program is a "horrible tragedy". Frank Leahy was very successful and put BC on the map. Addazio is a terrible coach and deserves the misfortune of Holy Cross pulling the big upset.---Matt Ryan should be the "word of mouth" for success of the football team. He just signed a five year extension with 100 million guaranteed of the 150 Million. His wife was the starting point guard for BC basketball and just had twin boys. That is success by any standard and highly pointed for the values of the university.--Instead, there is a fixation on Title IX and women's lacrosse. It makes one wonder if the real fixation is not Lauren Sinacola, a woman's assistant soccer coach who was just hired at Notre Dame by the new coach Nate Holman. He got the job through his wife's connections as an employee at ND. He then hired Sinacola and she then went out and proposed to her girl friend and got married without a twitch from Jack Swarbrick or the ND president.--BC has to stand for something. Standing for mediocrity is not an option.

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