Thursday, July 05, 2018

Phil Steele high on Will Harris

Phil Steele's All America team is a bit different from the others. While Allen (Second Team) and Dillon (Third Team) were predictable, I didn't expect Will Harris to get first team honors. To Steele's credit, he watches a lot of tape and obviously thinks highly of Harris. Steele also talks to multiple coaches on a staff, so someone is talking up Will Harris to him. I hope it is a good sign.


John said...

Will has played 38 games at strong safety, including 29 starts beginning as a true freshman.

He is very experienced and hopefully he will have a great year and get drafted high. Will deserves it.

Go BC!

Knucklehead said...

This all America team is much more in tune with reality than Mod34b's Athlon sports picks.

Will Harris might be unbelievable and end up a 2nd - 3rd round pick in the draft but his production would have to skyrocket to make 1st team. Doesn't seem realistic. Maybe there is an incredible
pass rush coming this that I am not recognizing.

Knucklehead said...

Still cannot wait to see what the coaches do with Petrula and Baker.

They shouldn't be fucking around with lineups on the online going into the season. The coaches need to make the right decision from the start and destroy their first two opponents.

I don't want to see conservative and gentlemanly play this season. We are good, should know we are good and should dominate most of the teams on this schedule.

Anyone concerned about the crap in Raleigh, Kentucky and upstate NY needs to see a therapist.

It is 8-9 regular season wins IF the team avoids season ending injuries to Brown, Dillon, Petrula and Allen.

John said...

I am not the coach or the expert, but it seems to me that Baker will have to earn his way back onto the field. He's a nice guy and hard worker, etc., but we can't afford to play favorites this year, like Addazio is prone to do.

I like Petrula at center and it's not close.

We have C. Lindstrom, Monteiro, Phillips, Schmal and a returning Elijah Johnson.

Finn Dirstine might play right away and he's about 100 pounds more than Chris Lindstom when he was thrown into the fray. You'd like to redshirt Dirstine and Shelmire, but both might be good enough and want to play as true freshmen.

I don't know how A. Lindstrom is coming along, and Knopfke and Palazzolo might be ready to contribute. Fish, Korutz and Emer and Freshman Vrabel.

So back to Baker. Back up center? Petrula can blast some holes open better than Jon, I think.

I don't want to see us strong at guard and tackle, but not so strong at center, when we can be strong at all 5.

My $.02.

JBQ said...

As Bill Clinton said so well, "it all depends on what the meaning of 'is' is". The Dazzler has "the horse" and maybe the horses to go 9-2. Predictions are 5.5. Games 3,4,5 will tell the story (@Wake, @Purdue, Temple). Harris, Allen, and Dillon are harbingers of happiness and success. I believe that the qb play (Brown and/or McDonald) will be more than adequate. LeFleur and Reid are more than adequate. The dominoes are there. What will Daz do? If he allows everyone to do their jobs, it will be "happy time Charlie". Let's pray that he does.----HC has a history of Coconut Grove and a really big upset. BC is ready to roll. Daz needs to be ready and follow through on a preset game plan. If he does and he keeps his wit about him without a brain cramp or mental hiccup, everyone should be happy. Those three early games will tell the story of whether BC children and adults will be able to sleep at night. After all, hope springs eternal within the human breast.

JBQ said...

Let's also remark on this date of July 7 on the role of football throughout the world. It will be France versus Belgium and England versus Croatia. The entire planet cares nil about the U.S. version.

CT said...

So what?

CT said...

The entire planet hates reading your same posts over and over again.

Anonymous said...

What is your point crackpot, JBQ?

Rhetorical question.

Please no response.

mod34b said...
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