Thursday, September 06, 2018

BC-Holy Cross preview

Last week was exciting -- the start of a new season. This is more subdued. The tradition with Holy Cross is nice and the excitement about this BC team is palpable, but I don't think we will know anything more about BC after playing a bad FCS team.

What's on my mind (not totally related to this game) 
I think Holy Cross' Head Coach Bob Chesney will be a FBS head coach real soon. His track record of success building terrible, low resource programs will be enticing to many schools. If he has even the littlest bit of success in Worcester, it looks like he will leverage that for another job. After Holy Cross, the next step would seem to be either FCS power or FBS bottom dweller. Either way, the guy looks like he is going places.

Three Simple Keys
1. Add some more deep passing for Brown. I don't suspect he will be under much pressure. I would like to see BC attempt more deep passes to build his confidence and put pressure on future opponents to not load the box.
2. Get reps for the young guys. The new redshirt rules are a gift. Use it this game to develop young guys and second teamers.
3. Clean up Special Teams. It should be better than last week.

Gambling Notes
-- Addazio has not lost to an FCS school
-- BC leads the all time series 48-31-3
-- BC has won their last three home games against Holy Cross
Because this is a FCS-FBS game, there are no lines on the major sites

While Fenway hosted the series for many years, BC also played Holy Cross in Foxboro twice.

Scoreboard watching
Most of the ACC is taking on FCS teams this weekend, so there is not much at stake with regards to the division race. The big game is Clemson-Texas A&M. It would be nice for the Tigers to win in convincing fashion, so that the national perception of the ACC remains strong.

I hope to see...
A viral highlight from Dillon. There was talk after last week about whether Dillon's Heisman hopes were ruined by not padding his stats against UMass. I don't think they were and feel like the middle of the season will determine his chances. However, it wouldn't hurt to get on people's radars now. A nice viral moment would lay the groundwork for a Dillon trophy run.

BC is in trouble if...
As always with these lopsided games, the only real trouble for BC is injury. We will survive this game, but a significant injury could ruin the season.

This won't be close. As much as I long for a spirited rivalry, this is not the year. BC will crush them and we may even have to speed the clock in the second half.
Final Score: BC 52, Holy Cross 10


Tim said...

Dillon’s viral moment was last year when he rag-dolled the Louisville defender. Nothing will top that.

Knucklehead said...
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Knucklehead said...

Right because that was against a comparable opponent to us. HC game is meaningless in terms of stats and outside interest, unless we do what Penn State did last week.

Agree Clemson Texas AM is important. Need Clemson highly ranked coming in here. So when we beat them it is meaningful.

56-3 Eagles.

BC 86 said...

Gordie Lockbaum..

Big Jack Krack said...

I guess there is no building interest for this game - at least in the news and on the blogs.

Even though I have first hand experience how exciting the anticipation and the games were "back in the day", even I can't get very motivated about this first one. Maybe as Holy Cross starts to improve.............

We have seen what some FCS (1AA) teams can do, like Villanova and Appalachian State, UNH - the old UMass............. Once Holy Cross gets there, perhaps we have something.

I guess it will be a nice day tomorrow. If I still lived in the area and had my season tickets, of course I would go.

I just really hope that no one gets hurt.

I think Addazio might stay pretty conservative, if only to shield some things from Wake Forest and the rest of our schedule.

Go BC - and enjoy the tailgating, wherever you can find a spot.

I'm beating a dead horse, but fans should be able to have a "picnic" anywhere on campus. No grills, music, TV's etc. Just a modest picnic with family and friends - and shout outs as aquaintences go by. You know - FUN, COMRADERIE, REUNIONS, SCHOOL SPIRIT, RAH, RAH - GO BC. Yes, yes, yes, - thanks for coming, enjoy the day, have a good time - instead of no, no, no - nay, nay, nay - you can't go there, get off the grass - "BC 5-0 Deadbeats". Maybe the former BPD Commissioner can straighten this out. Duh!

JBQ said...

BJK has a point. The campus is so beautiful. Why wouldn't you want to show it off?---It is the Jesuit philosophy to place a campus in the middle of a problem area in order to transform it from within. Unfortunately, the barbarians did not read the game plan.---Marquette is that way. SLU is that way. Fordham is that way. In fact, I was praying at the Jesuit cemetery at Fordham and campus security tried to arrest me for being a terrorist.---BC should apologize to no one. The Heights are the heights. The hills pointing upward to eternity are impressive. The Irish built an outdoor shrine with all apologies to St. Ignatius.----Ever to excel and not ever to Title IX and mediocrity. Frank Leahy believed it and then jumped ship for the French School. Cocoanut Grove sent a history lesson that has not been overcome since 1942.---Jags "woke up the echoes" in 2007-2008. He was punished for his faux pas and his three year payout by being blacklisted to the point of now being an assistant coach at Notre Dame High School in Tennessee. Meanwhile, we have a "sleight of hand artist" and an outstanding squad with predictions in LV of 5.5 wins.---The honeymoon will be over one way or another. Will the red headed Leahy be able to judge accordingly and lead for a change? Nevertheless, his mediocre and lackluster affirmative action choice for A.D. with the influential dentist wife in Columbus has been chosen to lead BC to the promised land.--- This season will be interesting. The song sung is "Till then". Nevertheless, mediocrity breeds mediocrity. Ever to excel has rust on it. Odds are that it will be 5.5.

BCEagles2014 said...

JBQ's ability to weave in Cocoanut Grove into any conversation is downright impressive at this point.

Geezer eagle said...

JBQ, I love you man and agree with almost all of your comments, but for God's sake man, enough, ENOUGH, of the Coconut Grove flash backs.

Kevin A said...

The Jags situation is still an enigma. How many guys are leading the #2 in the country one day, then coaching midget football the next. JBq reading your stuff for awhile. Rock on.

CT said...

That’s an all-timer. I stopped reading after terrorist.

John said...


Kevin A said...

“High school in Tennessee” Fantastic.

Don’t let it go to your head. Pick your spots.

Knucklehead said...

Who set the fire JBQ? Get it off your chest.

CT said...

JBQ is the waiter’s cousin. Or whatever.

BC 86 said...

jbq... I want what you had for happy hour. Agree. Going up tommorrow to see The Heights. Let's go BC!

Tim said...

I don’t care about Holy Cross, but I hope Addazio shows the video at every practice this coming week

Tim said...

This video

Big Jack Krack said...

We need to pay Wake Forest back for sure - return the favor at their field.

They have a veteran team, and even though their starting QB is suspended, they are still tough with the freshman leading that offense.

No interceptions, please - they will see a different Anthony Brown and fired up team.

Go BC!