Friday, September 07, 2018

Friday picks

My picks were horrible last week. I guess I need a preseason to get warmed up. Things turn around this week. I'm going heavy on the road teams. Here you go:

Friday picks

Georgia Tech-3 at South Florida

Arizona+3.5 at Houston

Duke+2.5 at Northwestern

Kansas+3.5 at Central Michigan

Colorado+3 at Nebraska

Iowa State+3.5 at Iowa

UMass+1 at Georgia Southern

Virginia+5 at Indiana

USC+5 at Stanford

Cal+3 at BYU

I am 2-8 on the season.


Goberry said...

I'll bet on anything. If you gave me good enough odds, I'll bet that it won't get dark outside tomorrow night.

But I won't touch any of this week's college football games.

Unknown said...

No bet on Georgia/South Carolina or A&M/Clemson?? Weaksauce.

rospher said...

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