Thursday, September 20, 2018

BC-Purdue preview

Can you call a Big Ten road game, a trap game? That's what this feels like. I know Purdue is 0-3, but they lost their first game by four, their second by one and their last by three. That's bad luck. They could just as easily be 3-0. I hope BC is ready and not taking this for granted.

What's on my mind (not totally related to this game) 
This might have been more important in the BC blogging and message board world, than the fanbase at large, but earlier this week The Heights published an article that said Addazio was calling the plays in the beginning of last year before handing it over to Loeffler. Then the O took off. BC -- via Sports Information -- said the article wasn't true and The Heights took it down. I don't know if the contents of the article are true. I can't even link to it now since the Heights pulled it. My bigger concern and complaint is that the Athletic Department even has to fight these sorts of battles with the student newspaper. I am all for accuracy, but too often BC coaches (past and present) are worried about perception and credit. My suggestion to them is to stop paying attention to what is being said and written about them and focus on the players and the game. You work in one of the true objective professions where your success is measured in a public way. Don't get caught up in what the crowd thinks. It is not productive. Just win and watch how little the message boards, blogs and twitter even matter. Don't worry about credit. If you truly want to recognize the difference makers between winning and losing, shine more light on the players. They never get enough credit. I know Sports Information is just doing their job, but come on, let one Heights article fade away and worry about promoting the Purdue game.

Three Simple Keys
1. Be stubborn with the run. I imagine, like everyone else, Purdue is going to sell out to stop the run. BC needs to keep pounding it anyway. Good things will happen and we will break some big plays. I also want to see BC run so they can control the tempo and clock. Last week our D was worn out and tired. Purdue will try the same thing if we don't control the clock.
2. No Special Teams mistakes. This is obvious but still important.
3. The DLine needs to win upfront. I don't care if Purdue runs one play or 100. Our DTs need to step up and keep them from running wild.

Gambling Notes
-- Brohm is 4-5 at home while at Purdue
-- BC is 1-7 on the road against Big Ten schools
-- Addazio is 19-6 in non-conference games at BC
The current line is BC-6.5

Scoreboard Watching
Notre Dame-Wake Forest. I know Addazio praised Wake, but I don't think they are that good. How they play against the Irish will tell us if we beat a good team or got fortunate that mistakes didn't hurt us because Wake was so weak.

With the game, BC will have now played 10 of the 14 Big Ten schools. We have yet to play Nebraska, Wisconsin, Illinois and Minnesota.

I hope to see... 
Dillon used in the passing game. People will be expecting the play action. Now on his release get him the ball as a pass catcher. It will lead to big plays.

BC is in trouble if...
Zach Allen doesn't have a big game. I know he is the focus of protection, but we still need him to make plays and get them off schedule.

I think this will be another shootout. I think like last week, BC gets a lead and then it goes back and forth for much of the game. There will be a late turnover that helps BC close it out in the 4th quarter.
Final Score: BC 38, Purdue 30


NEDofSavinHill said...

In the three previous contests against Wake BC scored a combined 27 points or nine a game. Last week they surpassed their average by 32. Quite an improvement. A strong pass rush and a few turnovers could do the trick at Purdue. While their offense is effective Purdue's D gives up 30 a game. 2. Hilliman has rushed for 135 yards so far for Rutgers, 45 a game. Wade doesn't even start for Delaware.No impact for BC from those transfers. 2.Don't let any player play 100 snaps. Use the backups more throughout the game.Valdez,Rayham, Berry and Barlow should get more snaps. A rested D-line will be more effective in the fourth quarter.Wake may be better than you think. They can stack the line against ND. Let Winbush passing defeat you. He may not have the accuracy to do it.

NYCEagle said...

I agree with Ned. I think Wake has a real upset opportunity on their hands. Their front 7 looked strong against us, and we have a better oline than ND. On top of that, their offense is way more one dimensional than ours and they have not looked good through 3 weeks. The fact they’re 8 in the country is a joke

NYCEagle said...

I also agree with ATL on the prediction. I think they will give us a scare. If we win the coin toss I’d like to see Addazio take the ball and run it right down their throats. I do not want to be playing from behind against these guys. It hurts our chances of running a truly balanced attack like we did against Wake. In the end, I think the talent differential is significant and that should shine through

BCEagles2014 said...

This game will no doubt become a shootout, with the winner being whoever can make a timely defensive stop or forced turnover. Hopefully this 2018 BC team avoids their own "Cocoanut Grove" and avoids taking an 0-3 Purdue lightly. Purdue is much better than their record indicates and will be hungry to beat a ranked team to change the narrative on their season.

John said...

Big Ten teams know how to win close games - at least against us.☺️

I'm hoping we can get a lead and keep the Jets burning.

Go BC.

Knucklehead said...

Agree with the need to use back ups. It needs to be done consistently to be effective. Meaning don't do it after you get a 14 point lead. Momentum gets fucked up and starters get relaxed on the bench then BAM you are dropping snaps, losing the lead and putting the starters back in.

Dazzler did this alot against Wake it just wasnt from the outset.

We have a shitload of LB's. Play one in place of a DL more often, Dazzler.

With regards to play calling. Dazzler wasn't looking at the playbook and saying right Zebra Y Bananna. He was approving Loefflers calls before they were run on the field. Trust issues. If you have them you need to get yourself over them. He did.

JBQ said...

With all due respect to "John", let's go back to the days of yore with Matt Ryan on his magnificent horse and his faithful side kick Rich Gunnel. That would be 2007 and the Champs Sports Bowl of Dec 28. That would be 20-17 over Michigan State. Jamie Silva was the MVP with 10 tackles, 2 interceptions, and 4 punt returns.---Of course, I know what he is saying. Spaz and Daz couldn't fight their way out of a "wet paper bag". The Big 10 has the edge due to superior coaching. Let's see what happens. Like it or not, Loffler has the expertise and Daz does not. The Dazzler also has quite an ego.

Unknown said...

Don't have a good feeling about this one. I will be at the game with a couple of my friends who are die-hard Purdue fans. 42-27 Purdue.

- Pat

Tim said...

It is Purdue’s homecoming game. Expect a decent crowd, unlike the 5:30 weekday kickoff with an incoming hurricane last week.

John said...

JBQ - you were close. 24 to 21 BC. ☺️

Shabby1011 said...

BC is better team, has far better high end talent and matches up well on defense with Purdue pass happy offense. Strength of our D is rushing passer and secondary.

Purdue D is pathetic against the rush unlike Wake who has good front 7. They can pack the box and don’t think it will matter.

Better Special Teams play and eliminate Turnovers and we will be in good shape

Go Eagles 🦅

Knucklehead said...

Tim wanted the game moved up and is now complaining about the crowd at the early kickoff.

Tim is never satisfied.

BC 86 said...

Stop Purdues freshman wide receiver and special teams, BC wins 38-21, better team, play hard,GOBC..!

Tim said...

Not looking past Purdue, but Temple won again last night. They beat Maryland 35-14 last week and beat Tulsa 31-17 last night.

John said...

I always hated playing them, because they had no fan base to speak of, if you beat them you got no credit, but if you lost to them you were ridiculed. And they were always tough, it seems to me.

So I agree with you, Tim.

But to have a special season we must beat Purdue this week, and take care of next week - next week. ☺️

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Have faith Unknown - I think Shabby's forecast is the right one subject to his caveats about special teams and turnovers (i.e., field position). I bet our kids will be ready to play.

John said...

When you look at Purdue's schedule, this is almost a must win or it is a must win.

Hopefully they will feel extra pressure.

John said...

We'll find out how good Missouri (3 and 0) is tomorrow, as they host Georgia.

They beat Purdue 40 to 37.

57,000 fans should motivate our guys.

Go BC - beat Purdue on their field. You can do it. You have confidence and poise, but you are not cocky.

Your demeanor is perfect!

Go BC - beat Purdue in West Lafayette, IN

ReiDaDor said...

I’ve seen a lot of posts about how BC just needs to run the ball from the get go even if Purdue is stacking the box with 9 defenders. Is that really the consensus? I disagree. If they are gonna put almost every defender up close to the line to play the run we should be able to pass all over them! Our OL is not that good where we can just expect to blow open holes against anyone especially when they are stacked against the run! If they are playing run, let’s pass and that will spread them out then AJ will roll all over them..seems like a simple concept to me but sounds like a lot of people just want to go toe to toe with a 9 man front...I don’t like it especially with this OL. thoughts?

John said...

This isn't the Pythagorean Theory.

If there are too many guys to block, you pass the ball. If it's pretty standard, you run the ball.

John said...


Knucklehead said...

Reid, The Lindstrom conspiracy was brought to light by the Globe today. Lindstroms' are nephews of a former BC player from the 80's.

Running into a wall for the sake of it is a waste.

The middle of the field will be wide open going forward for the Eagles. Defenses will play 7-8 on the line and the rest back to avoid being beaten 30 yards down field like Wake was.

Mark it down.

Knucklehead said...

Line is inching up, now -7.

ReiDaDor said...

The Lindstrom conspiracy!! Hahaha..thanks for sharing that Knuckle, makes total sense! It’s mind boggling!

John said...

Kirk Herbsteit thinks Purdue will give BC all it can handle.

Has he ever shown BC any respect?

Knucklehead said...

Yes, when TOB was the coach he spoke well. Both cameo out if the Ohio/Cinci Catholic conference. When Jeff Jagoff Jagodinski was the coach he spoke highly of his recruiting capabilities when we ranked highly MRyan last season.

He seems to play it as he see it, as a commentator.

Did he pick Purdue?

Knucklehead said...

Spread is back down to -6.5. Line down from -280 to -260. From yesterday.

Pretty firm at this point considering the big state schools usually bet on themselves and inflate the lines in their own direction.

Will be interesting to see where it is Noon.

Bravesbill said...

Don’t have a good feeling about this game. This is the type of game that BC typically loses in WTF fashion.

John said...

Herbstreit didn't really pick - at least I don't think he did. I had just turned on the TV when they were talking about it. He just said Purdue will give BC all ........

I think Howard liked Purdue and the old guy liked Dillon and BC.

Big Jack Krack said...

Herbstreit did pick Purdue. Howard and Corso picked BC.