Friday, September 21, 2018

Friday picks

Last week was my first winning weekend of the season. I will keep it moving in the right direction this week.

Picks in bold

Navy-6.5 at SMU

Minnesota+2.5 at Maryland

Notre Dame-7 at Wake Forest

Pitt-3.5 at UNC

South Carolina-2.5 at Vanderbilt

TCU-3 at Texas

Florida-4 at Tennessee

NC State-5 at Marshall

Michigan State-5.5 at Indiana

Stanford-2.5 at Oregon

I went 5-4-1 last week. I am 11-20-1 on the season.


Thomas said...

Anyone else notice notre dame has the same line in the same location we played last week? Thought that was interesting. We should be able to take whatever we want against Purdue. Their defense is terrible. Please let’s not stubbornly run on every first down again! We can take what we want - don’t need to set anything up.

Big Jack Krack said...

Go BC.

Give AB, AJ and company a chance to excel for the entire game. Let's not give up too many runs up the middle against stacked boxes. We can soften them up in a variety of ways.

We're back in some positive conversation by the commentators and analysts for the first time in years. This is all good, and we ARE NOT taking the Boilermakers lightly.

Let's take care of business. Coaches, give these guys a game plan to win.

Beat Purdue!