Thursday, September 27, 2018

BC-Temple preview

The right things have been said all week about the loss to Purdue. The team is mad, refocused, determined, etc. Everything you would want after a disappointing performance. But that is all talk. BC is a heavy favorite and shouldn't even be worried about this game. Now they just have to prove they are as talented as we think they are.

What's on my mind (not totally related to this game)
BC-Temple was indirectly critical to the creation of this blog. Paul Peterson broke his hand against Temple in 2004. In the next game, BC got blown out by Syracuse with a BCS game on the line (still my toughest loss as a fan). When the media reaction and the coverage at Eagle Action took TOB's partyline of excuses without challenging any of it, I felt the need to write. If Paul Peterson plays against Syracuse, I think BC wins and I happily go to the Fiesta Bowl.

Three Simple Keys
1. Get big plays out of play action. There were big plays on the table in the Purdue game. BC needs to hit those this week. If they do, the game won't even be close.
2. Firm up the middle of the Dline. If our DTs get pushed around again, it could be a long day.
3. Clean Special Teams. All aspects. Extra points. Returns. Coverage. Let's not give Temple any hope.

Gambling Notes
-- BC is 18-2-1 against Temple at Alumni
-- Addazio is 18-16 at Alumni
-- Addazio is 14-15 coming off a loss
The current line is BC-12.5

BC has won seven in a row in the series and leads the series 28-7-2.

Scoreboard Watching
Syracuse-Clemson is going to be huge. I doubted Syracuse, but they've looked good in what I've seen. If they beat Clemson on the road, then they will probably be favored against us and have an outside chance of winning the division.

I hope to see...
Fewer missed tackles. Last week was bad. This hasn't been real issue on other Addazio teams. I hope last week was an anomaly and not the start of something ominous.

BC is in trouble if...
Brown starts turning the ball over again. It would be a test to the team's mental toughness.

If BC can't regroup and beat Temple, then Addazio is wasting everyone's time. I think they fix the little things, Dillon has a big day and the D does enough for BC to win with some breathing room.
Final Score: BC 28, Temple 17


Geezer eagle said...

Lose this game and even ATL will call for dazoshit's firing.

John said...

This is a must win for Addazio.

Simply stated - yes sir

mod34b said...
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Shabby1011 said...

They have to win, had they lost last week in a close game no one would be concerned but they were so unprepared and the offensive play was so poor Daz has put it on himself the pressure on this game

If Brown is shaky early, play Perry. He has looked sharp all year and Browns performances last week was so poor it could have shaken his confidence

Daz can’t afford to grow with any players, he has to put players on field that will win

Edward Griffith said...

Does anyone believe in alchemy ? Changing base metals into gold ?
To Believe that Dazzle-Not can be transformed even into a good coach must believe
in the Great pumpkin , Easter Bunny etc.
He is A WRETCHED sad excuse for a head coach.
How much longer is it necessary to live with the FLOPPO , BATES , LEAHY

JBQ said...

I would like to know just how AB got hurt in the first place. He was running around and his knee just exploded. He looks now like damaged goods and someone now is trying to "mask" his injury for some unknown reason. He looks like Dizzy Dean who ruined his shoulder when he changed his throwing motion after a knee injury.---Daz doesn't want to play either Perry or McDonald. He has no confidence in their running his "Temple offense". Read some of the fan evaluations of his offense when he left there. He left Philadelphia just ahead of the mob with the burning torches.----So, why was he hired in the first place? I believe that Floppo came from Villanova. Jarmond came from Ohio State with connections to Urban Meyer.---The Dazzler was the offensive coordinator on a National Championship team at Florida with Urban Meyer. Tim Tebow was a one man wrecking crew who ran, ran, ran his 260 lbs. He could not and did not pass. Daz can't and won't coach a pass oriented offense.--- Matt Ryan would never have played and that probably goes for McDonald. Perry is not a very good passer and has some semblance of being able to run. The three year extension came from one season with a good running back who played against mediocre opposition and failed in the pros. If you throw, then you need receivers and Daz won't recruit any.

Geezer eagle said...

JBQ, excellent analysis.

mod34b said...
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Geezer eagle said...

Mod, if most people on here understand what a dunderhead Dazoshit is, why cant that diversity hire AD see it?

BCEagles2014 said...

Can you think of anything more typical BC than finally being ranked after a 10 year wait, only to lose to an inferior opponent the very next week? It is reminiscent of Boston College’s 1942 disaster against Holy Cross which should have been an easy win on their way to the national championship. Right when BC is at the precipice of greatness they find a way to squander it away. Perhaps BC made a deal with the the devil for Doug Flutie and now we are cursed for years to come.

TGS said...

BC just announced new $150mm five year fundraising campaign to improve sports.

And I’ve got swamp land in Florida to sell you real cheap.

Knucklehead said...

That is not funny. Go back to Providence with your "son", puke.

bceagle93 said...

Let's hope these guys have been prepared to go out and execute at a level that exceeds their talent and produce results. That's what good coaches do.

Honestly, anything less than a 14 point victory margin over a team that lost to Villanova and Buffalo should get every fan and alumni pissed. A loss to a team like Temple at home and clown show got to go before October. No amount of beer and wine sales is going to be enough lipstick for this pig.

mod34b said...
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Edward Griffith said...

DOUG FLUTIE FOR AD !!!! He who walks on water to save BC football

eagletix said...

"....if they are as good as we think they are..." To paraphase noted coaches past:
"We are what the RESULTS say we are."

That is no less valid than this team so far. Let's not make this team out to be any more than they've proven themselves to be. And so far...meh.

Anonymous said...

Lot of bullshit in the Globe about how great the teams attitude was after the loss to Purdue, from Dazzler.

Have no idea how this game is going to go.

John said...

Let's come out in our Spaziani
Tranquil best foot forward.

Key takeaway - "foot" as in tell the world we will run and on what down and then do it and gain a foot on first down.


What upset me the most last week was the absolute regression to 2015 and before with the thrice retired Gary Tranquill. We were the worst offense in college football and last week we were headed right back there. Shocking!

Do it again tomorrow, Daz(iani) and there will be he'll to pay.

Go BC players - throw off the shackles put on you by the coaches.

And don't let Addazio call any plays, or influence the offensive game plan in any way. As a game coach, he sucks!

CT said...

Loeffler is tied to Daz. Go one, go all

ameritime said...

A little reality
Maryland beat Texas
Temple beat Maryland!