Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Second viewing thoughts and grades: Purdue

Addazio didn't think effort or overconfidence was an issue. I can't speak to the team mood, but I don't feel like the effort was great. Plenty of missed tackles. Plenty of drops. Some Oline breakdowns and even a potential TD where the announcers called out Sweeney for lack of effort. It was a frustrating game to watch back because I think BC should have dominated that game. We have more talent. We just didn't show it on Saturday.

Offense: D

I don't think Loefler did Brown any favors, but AB was not great Saturyday. Not adjusting on the batted ball. Missing some open men. A few bad throws. He also has running lanes that he is not taking. Perry was fine but what can you make of garbage time?

While those around him did not have their best game, neither did Dillon. Purdue often had nine guys in the box, so Dillon would approach the hole only to see three guys waiting a few yards back. Instead of running into them, he would try to bust it outside. That didn't work. He does have the speed or change of direction to make something of those broken plays. He needs to hit those holes hard, get his three yards and wear the defense down. Eventually one or more of those first reads will become something more. Levy was fine. Glines was fine.

The WRs and TEs didn't help Brown much. Smith had a drop. Sweeney did. White did. In a game when nothing can get going one or two drops is a huge momentum killer. Lewis had some nice moments. None of them blocked all that well, especially the Tight Ends.

The OLine still struggled when trying to pull off the stretches. Purdue shot right through. They were much better with the simple power stuff. The counters weren't as effective as they had been against Wake. They also all need to work on getting the DLine's arms down.

I don't feel like Loeffler called a very good game. Why not stick with what was working early in the year? There is too much variety in the run game without enough consistency or quality. Give Brown easier decisions and get him out of the pocket.

Defense: C-

We have two great DEs, but are really hurting inside. Once again there is no pressure up the middle and teams are running right at them. I don't know why Smith is not playing at his previous decent level. They are rotating guys in but no one is really stepping up. Karafa is ok, but he is not collapsing the pocket or disrupting the running game.

The LBs got killed in the passing game. They were confused on crossing routes and often looked a step slow. I don't know if Strachan has the speed needed to cover slot guys. When nothing was happening, they decided to give McDuffie more snaps and he looked good.

The DBs missed a lot of tackles. Neither Harris nor Denis had their best games. I feel for Sebastian. Purdue clearly targeted him and avoided Cheevers. Sebastian needs help or maybe some of the younger guys need more snaps.

The D had some nice moments but couldn't get off the field or adjust. When a player is getting burned over and over like Sebastian, where is Reid and staff making an adjustment?

Special Teams: B

It was a shame to waste Walker's big day. He did his part to set up the offense and was aggressive and sure handed.

BC's punting was good, with good placement on most occasions.

BC's punt and kick coverage was fine.

The missed PAT was not a factor in the final score, but that needs to be cleaned up as soon as possible.

Overall: C-

The play was lackluster, the adjustments questionable and the schemes were problematic. But do you want to know two signs that show Purdue is well coached and BC might not be? Not only did they plan and prepare their DLine to bat down Brown's balls, but they also got our guys to jump offsides repeatedly. Clearly Purdue saw something in scouting BC. Clearly they added a wrinkle to take advantage. And clearly their guys executed those game- and opponent-specific assignments.

Talent is always going to be primary. Addazio has more talent than Purdue and might be a better recruiter and developer than Brohm. But those little things. The little details. Those are the things that always make a difference in one or two games a year.

I think all of BC's offensive problems are fixable. I am hoping some areas of the D can mature quickly. But I also hope that Addazio figures out the right combination of coaching and managing so that he can avoid these sorts of games in the future.


JBQ said...

I looked at Purdue's roster. They have a number of linebackers who are listed at 6 ft 3. BC has a large number of linebackers who are listed at 6 ft even. It would appear that BC is recruiting to defend against the run. Obviously, you recruit both and rotate accordingly. Purdue just threw over the top.

mod34b said...
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mod34b said...

*after Purfue

Big Ern said...

C-? What do they have to do to get an F? We got blown out! First time ranked in a decade and played as if we wanted no part of that.

Do we know Loeffler was calling the plays? Felt different than the previous week. Was Dazzler out to disprove the retracted Heights article?

John said...

Petrula back to Center.

Knucklehead said...

They were not a awake against Purdue. Bottom line.

mod34b said...
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NEDofSavinHill said...

The announcer that decried Sweeney was in error. Brown threw late into double coverage. He threw a change up that was easily picked. The grades for coaching F. The offense F. The D about a C.

Knucklehead said...

Yes that was absurd. The throw and the "decision" to make the throw we're remedial both at best.