Saturday, September 22, 2018

Boilermakers burst BC's bubble

Exposed is a strong word, but that is sort of how it feels. Purdue made BC one dimensional on offense or one dimensional on D. At least the Special Teams played better.

It will take a lot for BC to get ranked again. Addazio will have to spend a lot of time regrouping.

Second viewing thoughts and grades as soon as I can get to them.


AlbanyEagle said...

Exposed isn't strong enough.

And special teams were better, but yet another missed PAT?!
Obviously it didn't matter in the game, but for God's sake how hard is it?!!

Tim said...

Good. The guys get a dose of humility and we are still 1-0 in the ACC.

Goberry said...

There were a few bad breaks (the knee-down touchdown). Yet you can’t have a quarterback whose every throw seemingly gets blocked into the hands of a defensive player.

Jesuit/Holy Cross fan said...

So disappointing. We all need to take a breath and step back and see if the team can put this game behind us and start winning again. We shall see.

Unknown said...

This is another one of those games where I feel bad for ATL that he has to rewatch it. ATL, we'd understand if you just want to go ahead and give an F to the offense, a C- to the defense and skip the second viewing.

Big Jack Krack said...

Let's put Petrula back at Center, Phillips or Lindstrom at RT, or vice versa.

Baker for Bench Captain/Graduate Assistant.

Is Monteiro playing up to expectations? How about Schmal?

I'm not blaming these guys for stacked boxes. Today was pitiful in terms of BC getting out-coached, which is exactly what we feared.

But we didn't take off last year until Petrula got thrown into action as a true freshman. It's time to put him back there. We deserve to have our best players at the positions that give us the best chance to win.

Right now I'm wondering why I laid on a trip for the Clemson Game.

We'll get out-coached before the game begins.

Big Jack Krack said...

As mentioned at the end of last game thread.

Offensive Line Coach is questionable in terms of his qualifications and ability - as evidenced by the O-Line's sub-par performance, and playing Addazio favorites.

Geezer eagle said...

Purdue just took BC to the woodshed and you rah-rahs are trying to put lipstick on this pig? Another 6-7 win season, a toilet bowl, and Dazoshit keeps his job. I've had it!

Unknown said...


bceagle93 said...

PSA: Steve Addazio is the highest paid employee at Boston College.

With 9 days to prepare, a loaded roster on both sides of the ball (including an early season Heisman hopeful) and the #23 ranking his team under his leadership just got shut down by a team who lost to Eastern Michigan. Let that all sink in....

Honestly, is there any other answer at this point other than “Clown show got to go?”

ObserverCollege said...

Sad for Steve Addazio today. You can only lead horses to water; can’t make ‘em drink.

That silly Heights article was so irresponsible. I told Steve to keep calling the plays, the way he has all last year and the first three weeks this year. I implored him not to hand over play calling to Loefler.

I was wrong. Steve said he knew the players would lose today, that they couldn’t handle being ranked. Steve said players need to belong there, and his didn’t. He knew they’d choke, so he faked a secret illness this week so that he’d have an excuse to hand over play calling today to Loeffler. He leaked the story about his ailment to Rece Davis last week to lay the groundwork.

Steve plays three-dimensional chess. First he made sure The Heights pulled the story crediting Loeffler for the play calling. He knew the players were toast, so he figured out how to expose the players for their failures, while punishing Loeffler for trying to claim credit for HEAD Coach Addazio’s success.

Xman said...

This game should be the nail in Addazio coffin. I would not let this man wash my car.

Absolutely embarrassing loss.

Xman said...

Maybe Addazio can dine at Lemoncello’s tomorrow and wax poetic about how it is everyone’s fault but his. Maybe he can tell us more stories on how he F’d up his USFL career.

The idiot has been exposed. How much more proof do you need?

At least we have a shiny new indoor practice facility to practice in and NOT be prepared for upcoming football games.

The coaches suck.

The players may have talent BUT do not play as a team or support each other. At best they are a collection of athletes hoping for individual success that equals s win.

Lucky if they win 7 games. BC is a reflection of our society. No accountability and ALL hype.

eagletix said...

ATL, just curious what "one dimension" you credit each of the offense and defense has possessing today. They appeared to have nothing. BC wins when they can dominate the lines of scrimmage. The two real games they played this year suggest that they have a long way to go.

eagleboston said...

I agree with the comments about Addazio. In year 6, you should not be getting blown out by a mid-tier Big 10 team. Ohio State, Notre Dame, Clemson - I can see getting crushed by those squads. But, Purdue? Inexcusable. My impression is that Addazio is just not a very bright guy. He does not understand in-game stategy and he has no clue how to correct problems ie the multi-year special teams issue. We are still 1-0 in the ACC and the ship can be righted but I just don’t have confidence in this man as coach.

Xman said...

BC football players are pussies.

There. I said it. No one else has the guts to call out.

Yes. I am pissed. What is the excuse this time? I had a tough week of classes? My Mommie didn’t give me enough attention? Pussies! All of them. Game week starts on Wednesday- not 20 minutes before on bus ride to stadium.

If you can’t win games; or at least be entertaining and competitive..... get the F out of my school.

Seems like the program needs a safe place. Jarmond timeline better be ramped up or all you have is a loser school drunk on morality

Xman said...

Hey at least we have a few pro prospect players!

F’n Kardashian football program. As long as we can distribute some positive news feeds we are OK.

Did I say before the coaches should be fired? They are stealing money.

When the players get back to campus tonight - I wonder who will be man enough to call out teammates when they drown their poor luck in beer. The kicker and everyone on those team should be embarrassed. Give your scholarship money back.

Where are the Seniors in this team that say “If you don’t do your job I will kick your ass and kill your family”

I update my thoughts. BC wins 5 games - tops

eagleboston said...

I still think BC wins 7. Maybe it is just hopium but I thInk we should be able to find 4 more wins.

Geezer eagle said...

Assuming we beat
Temple ( not an easy task.), That means we go 3-5 in the ACC. Great, just great.

eagleboston said...

Georgia, to get to 7 wins, we need to go 4-4 in the ACC IF we beat Temple.

Geezer eagle said...

I stand corrected

Geezer eagle said...

But where are those 3 wins come from? After today's performance, bc could be a bottom dwelling acc team.

Geezer eagle said...


Geezer eagle said...

And where the hell is Mod?

M said...

Daz & co let the kids down. 9 days to prep for an opponent that’s on the ropes at 0-3. Coach had time to build a plan with a couple new looks, throw P off-track early & get a lead. P has talent, but this was a winnable game w proper plan.

John said...

The quick 3 and out was a bad omen that Addazio had not prepared well. It looked like he never prepared the team at all

Where we're all the different weapons? We had 7 in the box with 2 safeties leaning forward.

Should have spread them out right off the bat. But not Addazio.

Is AJ hurt? Looked like he went down easy today in protest.

Unknown said...



IF we were not in ACC we would lose every year to the FAKE (FAUX) IRISH.
TOB left the series tied or nearly tied and then Came SPAZ and Dazzle NOT.

BOSTON IS A GREAT CITY , BC is an academic power house , beautiful campus but even with those two major PLUSES we can't win with average to poor coaches ie Dazzle NOT and
I'm afraid Christian unless he finds a way to recruit.

CT said...

There is little offensive imagination on this staff.

Seriously. Not because we lost today, but it’s almost like you can watch the tape from the game before and prep for us.

Brown should be pretty good his senior season. But wow his decisions today. He doesn’t seem to be able to carry the team. Though, what is this? His 10th game?

John said...

Did I hear that Virginia Tech lost to Old Dominion today?

Except for Clemson alone, the ACC sucks.

Maybe Duke is okay.

CT said...

Ned disagrees. ESPN! Conspiracy! Ha. Ok.

Knucklehead said...
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Knucklehead said...

They ran to the left over and over to no avail. What happened to Lindstrom being Ron Stone?

Watch the game again. Petrula destroyed his guy most of the time. I don't think they ran to the right more than 2-3 times.

Dillon had openin and he misread them repeatedly. He was avoiding contact and bouncing to the outside.

I said earlier in the season he looks slow. He looked slow to day and he exacerbated an existing injury late in the second half.

Anthony Brown was horrible. Bad Brown today. He did not handle pressure and was throwing the ball all game without looking.

The second half throw to Sweeney in the end zone was pathetic.

This game was awful. An 11 am start. Purdue needed a win. The refs fucked us on the first TD. The next three games will tell the tail.

Virginia destroyed Louisville, Temple and NC State are below average.

CT said...

I do agree that Dillon is now too often trying for the big run by bouncing outside.

If Brown can’t throw it 100mph, the results aren’t good.

Unknown said...

FIRE DAZ. I won't waste my time to re-hash all of my arguments on why Daz was a bad hire since Day 1. Its just time to make a change. We were not well coached against Wake last week and that game was way closer than it should have been. The first two games really don't count. BC Football is NOT fun. Stop donating to Football. Root for the kids. Cheer on ol' Jerry. Hope Basketball makes improvements. Root for volleyball to pass the time in the fall. But I just cannot handle the poor coaching any more. We are a once proud program and can find and do better and frankly we deserve better. 6-6 and off to Detroit IF we are lucky. To think I almost went to this game? Let another coach try and take advantage of the talent we have and putting in a real coaching effort. This was embarrassing. Losing is one thing. How we lost is another. When you play not to lose, guess what happens? You lose. This game was over after the first series of Run Run Pass? Been there done that.

Knucklehead said...

Stanford QB looks like he was watching Anthony play QB this morning.

mod34b said...
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Edward Griffith said...

Sorry, my wife was using my computer.
Fire Daz now!

JBQ said...

Bleep, bleep, bleep. No joy in Mudville. Hear the spin from the Penthouse spouted by the red head with the turned around collar. He approved a 3 year extension at 2.5 mill and then went out and hired a politically correct protector from Ohio St. -----This was embarrassing. Four interceptions with an announcer who evidently played for Dallas talking of ABs throwing motion, a coachable defect. He throws sidearm and slings the ball. The Purdue tall d-boys just put up their arms and blocked the throws. Basic coaching says that you throw over the top using your shoulder and not your elbow.

John said...

5'10" Doug Flutie didn't get 4 passes batted down in 4 years.

Pretty bad, whatever the reason.

CT said...

The whole Jarmond/Meyer connection really bothers me. Coaching is such a good ol’ boys network.

John said...

It's not that we lost, Steve.

It's how pitiful your game plan was. How pitiful your preparation was.

We hoped for something different - we were even sucked in a little - but deep down we knew that you could even turn good players I to bad ones.

Deep down, we knew you were going to lay an egg we are so mad because we allowed ourselves to think you would open up the offense.

You stink, Steve - you really do.

John said...

Have you ever heard of "give it the old college try?"

I didn't think so.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

No excuses for today's shit show. Outcoached and outplayed. Next three games critical for Addazio and staff. OL and DL (linebackers too) not getting it done at this level. QB telegraphs everything. Loeffler needs to get his ass down onto the field and talk to his QB. No more guaranteed positions on this team - look at the film and make some changes to the depth chart - live and learn.

John said...

Time of possession - Run the Rock Addazio lost that almost 2 to 1.

I agree with NB - make the changes necessary.

Earn your paycheck, Addazio.

Switch Petrula back to center.

Give Glines more chances.

Look at the tape.

And kick your O Line coach's ass!

John said...

I have to get a life instead of letting Addazio get me this mad and frustrated.

Let the players play, got crying out loud!

Good night.

John said...

Auto correct sucks as much as Addazio.

Tim said...

Wrong. Autocorrect could beat a ranked team once in a while.

Geezer eagle said...

I've stated repeatedly, dazoshit will cost us 1-2 losses. Im not proud my prophecy is reality.

Eagle Esquire said...

I want my Saturday back.

mod34b said...
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mod34b said...
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Geezer eagle said...

I hrar ya, Mod. Asking for four more wins from this team and coaches may be a bridge too far.

Eagle Esquire said...

Pitt in 2014, wake 2015 (among several others), GT 2016 and NC State/Wake last year. What do those games all have in common? Games BC lost because of poor preparation/game management by Dazaster. I can’t believe I talked this team up to my UGA friends. Humiliating.

John said...

Army lost at/to mighty Oklahoma by 7 points.

That's what preparation and guts will get you. Addazio would have lost such a game 56 to 10.

John said...

And then there's Virginia Tech.

So much for the difficulty of playing at Lane Stadium. And how tough Bud Foster's defense is.

What will your excuse be, Addazio.

But Old Dominion passed. We have to establish the run. That's BC football.

Wow. Pitiful is this ACC in 2018.

Eagle Esquire said...

I forgot Syracuse in 2013. Under Daz, we will be at best a near miss. So discouraging.

Eagle Esquire said...

I was reading the comments on BCI and one really stuck out. We tend to always flirt with something special and then we blow it. Like clock work. I’ve been watching since TOB’s third year when they went to the Insight Bowl and got smoked. In 2004 all we had to do was beat a Syracuse team with a losing record and we make the BCS bowl. Blew it. We get to number two in 2007 and then lose the next two. The Clemson win was nice though. We get back to the ACC championship game the following year after losing Crane at Wake. Then the AD made a horrible ego based decision. We beat USC, get a lot of national respect because of it and then lost to Colorado State at home. I guess yesterday was another link on that chain. Ugh.

John said...

Yes, it is discouraging.

I was going to drive to Raleigh - but not now for this unimaginative coaching shit show.

I'm wishing I didn't lay on a trip to Boston for the Clemson game. That's a lot of $ for 2 of us to fly up, stay at a hotel for several days to watch this 3 and out coaching shit show.

One of these days, I was going to make it to Lane Stadium or Tallahassee, but not now just to watch this Head Coaching shit show.

Thanks a bunch, Addazio. You the man!

Bravesbill said...

The only semi-safe ACC game left for BC is against Louisville. Syracuse looks fairly respectable, FSU will be tougher when BC plays them. NCST and Va Tech always give BC fits.

EL MIZ said...

the biggest issue by far of yesterday's game was mentioned 2x out of the above 58 comments - Dillon avoiding contact and constantly trying to go for the outside. CT and Knucklehead each touched on it and nobody else brought it up. without the power run game it all falls apart, and AJ needs to go back to being a battering ram wrecking ball. if he's going to try to be Barry Sanders we're in trouble. how many times did he lower his shoulder and run through people yesterday? i counted a couple of runs early - interested to see what ATL sees on the re-watch. that's a Dillon issue, not a Daz issue, and something that should be pretty easily fixed.

also, pretty funny that the takeaway from yesterday isn't "wow, isn't college football unpredictable" but "fire daz" or "the sky is falling, we're doomed."

we lost to an 0-3 team and it wasn't even the worst loss by a ranked ACC to an 0-3 team - that honor goes to Va Tech.
Oklahoma needed OT to beat Army. Stanford had an absolutely wild comeback at Oregon in a game they lose 99 times out of 100. 15th ranked OK State lost at home by over 3 TD. it was a crazy day from east to west and yet losing to an overdue Big 10 school on the road ranks as some sort catastrophe nobody could see coming.

BC looked awful, we didn't catch a break, and Purdue was long overdue for a W - a bad mix. it wouldn't surprise me if Purdue finishes with 6 wins and goes bowling and this loss looks a lot better in December. their Senior QB was superb and that little playmaker they got from Louisville KY (who had a BC offer!) is excellent.

we play Temple next week and should be 4-1.

LOL @ Mod's comment "we need 4 more wins.... Temple? Syracuse? Louisville? and ? FSU/NCSU/VT??" - let's see - Temple is a W (the above comments would be fitting if we lose to Temple at home), Syracuse we beat last year on the road 42-14 and now we play them at home and its unwinnable?, Louisville we beat last year on the road (when they still had a Heisman winning QB) 42-14, FSU is a disaster, Va Tech just lost to Old Dominion, and we always play NC State close. there are absolutely 4 more wins on this schedule (i wonder if Mod took the under 6.5 win total bet)

frustrating loss for sure, but i'm amazed at the overreeaction. if ATL had posted in August that we'd be 3-1 heading into Temple i think folks would've been generally happy with that.

need a convincing W next week and Dillon needs to get back to hurting defenders. happy first day of fall - some of ya'll should enjoy the sunshine!

ReiDaDor said...

Lindstrom the most over hyped over rated O lineman ever yet Daz continues to believe he’s the next Anthony Munoz...does the staff watch game video or do they just choose to ignore reality?

Knucklehead said...

John, Fluite is alot shorter than 5'10. He never had passes batted down because he moved his fucking feet to find throwing lanes. Brown looked he was running a drill on throwing from a 5 step drop. He was a fucking idiot yesterday. His knee is obviously in his head because he didn't run once. If he isn't going to run or avoid the rush or move then back up needs to play. He needed to be brought in immediately after the pass to Sweeney in the end zone in the second half. The worst throw and decision I have ever seen in football. There was another receiver stand 5 yards away with nobody covering him at all.

The little guy from Purdue will be Heisman material sooner rather than later too.

Going into the season I had this as a loss and us going into Miami 6-1. Maybe they get a few wins here but Allen and Dillon are both banged up after 2 games. Not looking good.

bceagle93 said...

Miz as someone who felt Daz should have been fired after LAST year, I don’t think anyone is over reacting. “It will be beautiful” he said. That was not beautiful. Nor was the win against a team like Wake. We have soundly beaten UMASS and Holy Cross.

He can spot and recruit talent for sure (outside of a kicker), but the guy has shown he cannot prepare a team to rise to the occasion nor can he manage a game. What more do we have to see?

With this amount of talent, if he loses to an unranked team again, Jaramond should seriously fire him before the band leaves the field. We’ve heard enough of the BS and the excuses — time this clown to deliver.

Speedie said...

Woke up at 6 am to watch this crap! I’m still pissed.

We all knew B. C. Wasn’t going undefeated this year. Slow your roll folks, Steve had us ranked again ( albeit short lived )

Shabby1011 said...

QB play from first series was scary, missed Sweeney from 5 yards who was wide open

I am not sure he is the answer, we will see over next couple games. Any issues and he should put Perry in who made a great throw yesterday

OL also horrific no push upfront vs a young mediocre defense.

Saturday now turns into a huge game, they should win but how they look doing it and how staff calls offensive game

I find it a little ironic that article comes out that Daz had been calling the plays until Louisville game when offense opened up, they have article removed, and then yesterday’s offensive game plan looked a awful lot like before Louisville. If there was any truth to it and Daz feelings were hurt and he got more involved in offense this week we could be in trouble

Geezer eagle said...

Your boy Steve is one of the most inept, unproductive, underperforming coaches in the history of college football.

bceagle91 said...

Speedie, Steve had us ranked after we squashed 2 cupcakes and narrowly beat a WF team without its starting QB. Smoke and mirrors. The ACC looks wide open after Clemson. VT lost to ODU. FSU has struggled and Louisville has looked awful. Time will tell, but if we keep running the ball on the first two downs against 8 in the box, it'll be a long season. We can't even talk about getting into field goal range since we don't have any 4 games in.

Speedie said...

Look I’m as pissed as everyone else. I’m not a daz apologist, but other than Clemson , every remaining team is beatable. The eagles can’t play like they did yesterday or it will be a long season.

dixieagle said...

"Everything Daz touches dies."

Bravesbill said...

Every game is basically loseable as well though.