Sunday, September 23, 2018

When it goes bad it goes really bad for BC

Beyond the winstreak snap or losing to a winless team, there was also frustration in getting blown out. BC wasn't even in position to win once Purdue scored in the second half. It speaks to lack of adjustments and game management issues. But it is also a pattern for Addazio and even for BC. In Addazio's 34 losses at BC, 16 have been by 14 or more points. Equally frustrating was that this was Addazio's 11th loss at BC when scoring less than 14 points.

Why does losing by one point vs 20 matter? When you play close games, more of them are going to go your way. When you are not in it, the whole stadium might as well go home...especially given Addazio's comeback record.

Unfortunately for BC fans, this isn't all that new. TOB -- the last BC coach to make it to six seasons -- also had a bad blowout record. Through his first six seasons at BC, he had 17 blow out losses. (As a glimmer of hope, he only had four more blowout losses in his final four seasons at BC.) Maybe it will get better for Addazio. Or maybe we will just start winning again and blowouts won't be on my mind.

Here is Addazio after the game.


Geezer eagle said...

Bc will never be a football power again as long as this clown is in charge.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Could it simply be that, taken as a whole, we are not nearly as good as we thought - especially when facing a first rate QB? You go up against an unusually good QB accompanied by a decent cast - and you can be made to look very foolish. That Purdue kid was good.
On top of that - our OL and defense may be average at best when compared to other major programs. I just wish our two opening games had been against Purdue and an equivalent FBS - at least we would have learned more about our weaknesses and done something about it. Those two opening wins were a waste of time and money. You play against better - you get better - its painful at first but then it starts to pay off.

John said...

Petrula back to Center.

I am not kidding.

Make the change, Coach.

bceagle93 said...

Seriously, he should quit and go to ESPN. He is great when the camera lights go on — comes across as authentic, analytical, energetic. I’d love him on Gameday or as a game analyst.

The man is not a Power Conference head coach however. He knows the Xs and Os, but cannot manage the flow of a game. Time to get your blazer Daz and sprinkle paper clips on your desk in Bristol.

NEDofSavinHill said...

Brown had his worst game as a QB the week after he had his best game. Daz said there were many times guys were open for big plays. The lines played well. So why was Brown so inept? He's in his third year in the program. It seemed he got rattled with a little pressure. He may only be effective if he is unmolested. The blueprint for DCs the rest of the year is to pressure the QB. Does Daz know what qualities are needed in a QB? Brown's throwing motion seems slow. A Tebow type windup when a quick snap throw is needed. 2. Kelly at ND changed QBs and produced better results. The top passer at the spring game was McDonald.Would he be a more effective QB? Daz has acknowledged that he is their best passer. But if they beat Temple they will be 4-1. So all hope is not lost.

Knucklehead said...

Comparing TOB to Steve Addazio is laughable.

Petrula back to center, yes. At a minimum run to his side. He has John fucking Hanna playing next to him too. Between the two of them the running game should be good.

Watching Petrula destroy his opponent every play is awesome. Not sure why I can see it but "coaching staff" cannot. They must be fucking idiots like the QB was in that game.

Knucklehead said...
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Knucklehead said...

From Ned(sorry Ned), referring to Anthony Brown.

"He may only be effective if he is unmolested."

That is the single best line ever dropped on this blog ever. Absolutely hysterical.

Why hasn't EJ Perry transferred?

@MrNASAgang said...

Players have to make plays!! This game was lost by the players, not coaching! Guys have to step up. Way to many missed tackles, bad reads on defense. Bad offense, from Dillion and Brown all the way to the WR and Oline.

This was a much needed ass whopping though. These players have to understand what comes with being ranked. Every team wants to beat you, not only beat you but put on their best performance. You have to understand that as a player and be ready to deal with it.

I'll be looking forward to how we rebound. We can def climb back and be ranked again but the intensity has to go up and we should see that next week!

Legal Eagle said...

Did anyone else think AJ Dillon just didn't look like himself? I understand why he didn't have his typical huge game as the holes just weren't there and Purdue put together a good game plan to stop him, but I don't think he had his usual burst and may not have broken a single tackle the whole game. I almost expect him to break a tackle every play after what he has done so far in his career.
Even with a huge game out of Dillon I am not sure we win that game, but I am concerned he was hiding an injury.

Tim said...

I was at the game. I was struck by how often he ran to the edge instead of up the middle.

Edward Griffith said...

I remember the TOB years as Holy War winners and success B- to B.
Dazzle not C- only because of second half of last year otherwise D- F.
The Leopard can't change its spots , the zebra its stripes . Daz long ago made it very
evident he is not a caterpillar who is going to emerge as anything special.
FLOPPO , Bates and Father Leahy bear full responsibility for football , mens and
women's basketball .
CONGRATS to WOMEN'S Soccer , Field Hockey and Volley Ball success "FOR BOSTON "

JBQ said...

The game plan was good. Purdue had scouted Brown. There was a 10 man front to stop AJ. AB throws sidearm and slings the ball as previously commented. The big time has taller guys with long arms. ----The d line had two quick interceptions. When have you seen that before? There are pictures of the throwing motion of Baker Mayfield. I say McDonald.--- Daz doesn't like McDonald. He just wants someone to hand the ball off and pass occasionally. Ten man lines say differently.

eagletix said...

Napoleon may be on to something, that is first time games demonstrated nothing, maybe camouflaged weaknesses, etc...and maybe, just maybe the reality is that despite the experience available, the lines on both sides of the ball just aren't that good. Against the two P5 opponents, I thought neither line looked particularly good. But given all that, it is defined insanity to continue to do the same failing things repeatedly and keep expecting a different result. That's on the coaching and their inability to game manage.

Xman said...

I have this all wrong. I want to be Daz.

Think about it.

Couple million a year

Free food at Lemonchello’s

Don’t really have to prepare on a weekly basis to impress your boss

Have no accountability or responsibility for poor results

Unique Mismanagement of time, resources, talent and reality

Opportunities to speak incoherently on TV for idiots who don’t understand the game

Come up with cliches such as “When it happens it will be beautiful”

Stubbornly refuse to belive that - though improbable - be the poster child as proof positive incompetence rises to its level and becomes exposed.

Knucklehead said...

Sadistic motherfucker.

TGS said...

Great post XMan. Fyi, I’ve started a go fund me account for the degenerate gambler known as Khead. The unemployed dolt lost his wife’s mortgage money picking his boy Daz to cover and is now in big trouble with the Mrs. While she’s no looker, she’s the only woman that can stand Khead, so let’s be generous and help the illiterate maggot out.

Shabby1011 said...

OL play is major concern. For all Daz bravado about he has 7 starters etc haven’t seen any thing close to dominant run blocking like you would expect or heard we would see. Dillon hasn’t played great but OL has significantly under achieved

I disagree that D has struggled, they have been put in a number of bad spots by special teams and by turnovers/field position last game. They are not the defense of a couple years ago but plenty good to win games if offense does it’s job. Next year will be different story, d line could be scary poor

Loved Ben Glines fight and toughness at end of game. He should get much bigger role on team. He ran the ball hard and fought for tough yards. He should be number 2 back and hope his teammates get some of his energy. Also liked Valdez on the edge, he was at the QB a couple times and seems to have a good motor. Hope to see more of him.

I’m most concerned about Brown. He was very inconsistent last year (as expected for a freshman) and even more so this year. Best game to worst game. Give me above average steady eddy instead of highs & lows. Daz has to give Perry snaps if Brown falters in first half Saturday

Saturday is a big game on how they respond. Temple is tough opponent