Monday, September 24, 2018

What do the computers and experts think of BC now?

We were all focused on BC's AP ranking last week, but what i found more significant is what the computer polls thought of BC. At one point we were considered a favorite or slight favorite in all our future games with the exception of Clemson. That is changed now. In ESPN's FPI, BC is once again considered the underdog against NC State, Miami, Clemson and Virginia Tech. The FSU and Syracuse games still see BC as a favorite but not as significant as prior weeks. I know none of this really makes a difference on the field, but it is interesting what a poor performance will do.

ESPN's Bowl team still has BC headed to respectable bowls (Music City and Camping World). Others sports sites are not as optimistic about BC's bowl prospects:
-- Sports Illustrated: Independence
-- The Sporting News: Military
-- CBS: Military


STL_eagle said...

BC needs to win this coming weekend to have a shot at a decent season but the two following games against NC State and Louisville will tell us all we need to know; win both back on track; win one same track as last year; lose both off track and calls for Daz’s head will ensue.

It seems that expectations are that the team makes progress this year so that means 7-5 with a bowl win or better. 6-6 probably gets Daz fired unless he pulls out a dominant bowl win and Jarmond gives him one last chance.

Geezer eagle said...

How is 7-5 and another bowl flop progress?

Knucklehead said...

There is an air of satisfaction at Boston College that is edging towards the decline of the school. The academic rankings are down across the board. BU and Northeastern at nipping at your toes. The football and basketball programs are mediocre at best and garbage respectively. Hockey is soon to fall apart with Jerry's age and health - although hoping Cavanaugh with a C from UConn could keep that program on track. My point is that I would like to say Dazzler will get canned if he doesnt win 2 of the next three. However I don't think Leahy has any idea about what is going on around him from a production perspective academically or athletically so it doesn't seem plausible.

I said it here last year. Leahy is getting stale. He needs to go. Anyone can spend money on facilities and watch the productive aspects of the University decline without doing a damn thing.

Leahy needs to go or get a fire lit under ass and improve the production areas of the University.

STL_eagle said...

I was calling 7-5 with a bowl win, not flop, as progress, albeit small, since they finished 7-6 last year and that would put them at 8-5. I think this should represent the minimum amount of acceptable progression for Daz given his tenure and the talent level of the team.

To reach this mark BC needs to go 4-4 in ACC play. It would be great if BC did better but given the caliber of teams in the league it is difficult to expect BC to run the table. It should not be difficult to expect BC to compete each week and win at least 4 conference games. We will soon see what Jarmond expects if BC finishes 7-6 or worse.

Geezer eagle said...

Totally agree. Can't speak for academics but mediocrity is now the norm in the athletic program. What the hell has Jarmond done except satisfy the diversity quotas?

mod34b said...
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mod34b said...
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mod34b said...
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JBQ said...

@Georgia Eagle: Finally, the light bulb went on. You are ex military and very dedicated. This is now a Jesuit world and Leahy has been told to push diversity and to create a structure which will take over after he retires. Look at the NFL, football is a character builder no longer.---- The real power in the athletic department is the dentist wife of Jarmond. She has done "root canals" all over Columbus and has plenty of contacts with the Urban Meyer set. From pictures, she is also quite an attractive blond. She is no ditz and has an agenda as all manipulative women do.---This is all about a "sea shift" change in philosophy based on a Jesuit model. I don't know if the end target is the phasing out of football but that is a strong possibility.---Temple will now tell the tale for the rest of the season. If Daz can circle the wagons and figure out what went wrong, then the season will be saved and with it his career. Let's hope that he can "put the wheel back on the wagon". A start would be to fix the throwing mechanics of AB.

mod34b said...
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Xman said...

I say the only way to light a fire under Daz, coaching staff, Leahy and Jarmond is:

Tie them to a chair naked in the middle of their brand new field house - and start shooting them with a B.B. gun until they grow a pair.

As much as I hate Daz, he is not the only one. Ever to Excel has become Ever to be semi-Decent.

I have said before, this generation pays lip service to team and family. I had a good game; don’t care about your bad throwing mechanics.

Maybe I missed it but I do not see the o-line take it personally when no yardage or completions.

I don’t see the D take control when needed

I don’t see see any intelligence in the coaching staff.

Hell I don’t even see the players having fun.

BC football is now just something to be offended by.

When will they take a knee during the anthem for their poor victim mentality

Google what Army did after loss to Oklahoma. My favorite games were always Army, Navy and Air Force. You played 60 minutes and if you did not they were happy to remind you

downtown_resident said...

7-5 should get Daz fired. This is year 6 of his tenure and by far his best team. Producing only seven wins after returning most of his starters (from last year's seven-win team), having a wealth of senior talent on both sides of the ball and given the overall horrendous state of the ACC is absolutely fireable at that point. Given that it would be his fifth season (out of six) producing seven wins, I think his ceiling would be absolutely established and his return at that point should not hinge on the outcome of a meaningless bowl game. Not to mention that waiting until late December to find a new coach is not a wise plan at all, as the most desirable coaches will all have found jobs by that point.

There's still a lot of football left and plenty of time for this team to reach its goals. But if at season's end BC is sitting at seven wins-- again-- Daz has got to go. (I also think eight wins would be fireable unless it included a top-10 type win, which at this point probably only means Clemson.)

Shabby1011 said...

I think the biggest comment is how bad the ACC is this year.

It’s literally Clemson and then a bunch of mediocre teams. If Daz can’t break through with 5 wins if not 6 in league he is in trouble or should be. He has his oldest, most experienced, most hyped team with a legit Heisman candidate (at least next year)

Be 6-1 going into Miami, then win on National TV and that’s progress. Be 4-3 going into that game and they are just mediocre like everyone else.

If there was ever a year BC could go 9-3 and separate itself as top 3 team in league this is the year cause the league is so down. Even 8-4 would be disappointing.

His comments thus far are ridiculous, “no big deal, team is mad, just a bad game, Brown is fine - he threw beautiful passes, OL played well, etc etc.”. Listen to comments from VT head coach and Bud Foster. They sounded a lot different.

Ultimately words don’t matter so if teams plays great Saturday then great job by staff to get everyone going and focused. We will see

Knucklehead said...

Cannot wait for the PhD flag football games in the new facility this winter. I am going tear shit up in there - punt the ball at the Fish Family Football TV and loogy on the field turf. Will be fucking awesome.

Knucklehead said...

Getting mental in anticipation. Like TGS's kids when they get their monthly trip to Bridgewater to see him, through a pane of glass.

That was awful but he sucks. As commenter of course.

mod34b said...
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Knucklehead said...

Maybe. What would that make you Mod? Poo poo?

Edward Griffith said...

Granted none of these schools have football but Gonzaga , Xavier , Chicago Loyola
are winning a lot of basketball games and Gonzaga and Xavier are doing well in baseball
as well

jrtmurphy said...

Framework for firing Daz already in place

Napolean Bonaparte said...

I noticed Knucklehead's comment re academic rankings and thought I'd take a look. In the most widely used US News and World Report rankings we were at 31 a couple years ago, then went down to 32 the following year and now have slipped to number 38 in the 2019 rankings behind such schools as Florida, Brandeis, Cal Santa Barbara and Cal Irvine. In the Forbes rankings we went from 22 a few years back to 49 and then 50 in their most recent ranking. While I'm sure one can argue that these rankings aren't a true measure of quality - the school widely publicized BC's rankings when they were up and has been conspicuously silent as they have gone down. The US News ranking is particularly important and fair or not - it is the most widely used reference for academic standing. While our room, board, fees and tuition keeps rising steadily ($70,000 a year) - our academic stature keeps falling. Notre Dame has steadily risen such that it is now ranked 18th in the US News rankings.

This has to be laid at the feet of Father Leahy and the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees - and needs to be addressed and rectified in an organized manner immediately. And perhaps the first step is Father Leahy's retirement and a new President who makes correcting this slide a top priority for the university's administration and departments.

mod34b said...
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