Friday, October 19, 2018

Friday picks

Another positive week. Keep it rolling with these picks.

Picks in Bold

Auburn-4 at Ole Miss

Cincinnati+3.5 at Temple

FAU-2.5 at Marshall

Akron-5 at Kent State

Virginia+7 at Duke

Minnesota+4.5 at Nebraska

Coastal Carolina+3 at UMass

Mississippi St+7 at LSU

Oregon+3 at Washington State

North Texas+1 at UAB

Last week I was 6-4 again. I am 34-37-1 on the season.


Big Jack Krack said...

Temple beat previously undefeated Cincinnati.

NC State just ran a stupid play on 3rd and 1. It called for an audible by the QB, but I guess that's a lost art.

Pitiful. Clemson brought in 4 defenders against 1 blocker on the end and NC State ran right into it. Something like Addazio/Loeffler would do.

Teams like Clemson are good enough - but when they are opposed by sheer stupidity it's awful.

Big Jack Krack said...

We have no chance against Clemson based on what I've seen so far.

One of the commentators this morning predicted a Clemson romp over NC State. He was right. And then NC State helps by dropping wide open passes.

Since it's the game I am flying up for, I'd ordinarily hope for nice weather.

But we would need cold, sleet, and a day or night when it's raining sideways - or something. Otherwise the Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence will air it out all game.

This might get ugly today.

CT said...

Temple’s first home win vs a Top 20 team since 1936.

Turned out to be a pretty good win for us, I guess. Miami’s QB situation isn’t great.

We’ll see if Purdue can bring it tonight vs OSU.

CT said...

The Clemson QB set the all-time Georgia high school passing yardage record, beating out...?

DeShaun Watson.

Who beat out? Jake Fromm, UGA’s QB.

Big Jack Krack said...

Well, maybe Purdue will play Ohio State tough.

NC State looked like NC State. We definitely could have beaten them with some common sense play calling. But then gain, we don't have that, do we?

All games left that are winnable (except Clemson) also look very loseable.

John said...

Purdue is looking good and it's a strong maybe with 2 minutes to go in the 3rd quarter.

Shabby1011 said...

Temple with big win vs ranked team. That is a way better win then people think

Purdue is good, they underestimated them which you could point to coaches but ultimately not a horrible loss.

NC State is most frustrating because they should have won. Brown misses wide open Smith on first drive for TD and then play calling rest of half was terrible. Officiating down the stretch was a joke.

Regardless BC still has chance for great year and they are a good team. All starts Friday night, no turnovers, take a couple chances and hopefully Dillon is back.

Huge week!

BC 86 said...

Bjk, will be a good game against Clemson, $ well spent ..GO BC !

Shabby1011 said...

BC didn’t get their ass kicked this bad. Purdue killing Ohio State which is great

CT said...

No. NCSU should not have won. That is a dumb thing to say.

Purdue....sneaky good.

Shabby1011 said...

It read BC should have won, BC beat themselves in 1st half and refs didn’t help in 2nd

CT said...

Again. No. NCSU was better. Stop with the ref thing.

STL_eagle said...

NC State loss looms large now as Purdue is proving to be a quality opponent. All is academic as far as the conference title is concerned if BC loses to Clemson which is likely but things would would have been very exciting if we were sitting at 6-1. A win on Friday against Miami would get things back on track for a successful season. A loss on Friday and we could be looking at a 5-7 record. Go Eagles!

bceagle93 said...

Rumor has it Daz used the bye week to help Urban gameplan....

Shabby1011 said...

Were you at the game or watch it? Targeting call was a joke. NC State held entire game on outside tackles, never called. Glines fumble no whistle was embarrassing. Automatic first down when a full yard short to end the game was even worse.

What’s your argument against this?

Brown missed a wide open Smith on first drive for easy TD. After that play calling was as bad as it gets. Run Run 2 yd pass. Coaching staff turtled cause Dillon was out. NC State good team but BC could/should have won the game. If you watched it

CT said...

Um. Yes. I watched it. Apparently a different game. You sound young. Watch more. Post less.

John said...

The "Big Chill" will greet the Miami Hurricanes. 🙂

Go BC - beat Miami.

NEDofSavinHill said...

The refs were bad in the NCST game. Daz made the comment that Purdue and Temple were strong non conference games. It seemed to be spin at the time but he's been proven to be correct. Look at the Bama and Oregon non conference opponents. Very unimpressive.The OSU defense seems to be weak. Schiano is a total fraud. He is the Dukakis of college coaches. A media creation with no ability. Without the Bosa brothers the Buckeyes are mediocre. BC gave up 370 yards of offense to Purdue 70 came on the disputed call where Moore's knee appeared to touch the ground. OSU gave up 535 to Purdue. Almost twice as much. BC's offense was terrible against the Boilermakers but the D was solid. 2. Herbstreit seemed befuddled at OSU's performance. Even seemed subdued or depressed. Was he about to cry? Reminded one of Ms. Radditz on election night 2016. 3. What coaching changes are in store following this season? Will GT, UNC and Louisville make a move? Will Louisville try to lure it's alumnus Brohm from Purdue? If BC beats Miami the Coastal will come down to the VT-UVA game.

Bravesbill said...

Imagine what a real coach can do. Brohm is legit.

Shabby1011 said...

You sound old and should be in bed instead of posting at 2am, ha

BC lost because of poor play calling by coaching staff in 1st half and missed open plays by the players. The refs certainly didn’t help. I was AT the game and it felt like that live and the video backed it up.

Anyways on to Miami. BC favored by a FG. It’s a must win, going to be some great New England cold fall weather which definitely benefits the home team. Hopefully Dillon plays and coaching staff plays to win

eagleboston said...

The cold, fall weather being an advantage for BC is over-played. Look back over the past 20 years. BC has won very few games over southern teams due to cold weather.
Just look at Matt Ryan's senior year. A cold, monsoon like night versus Florida State when BC was ranked 2nd in the nation. The Seminoles whipped them. It is just plain not a factor.

Knucklehead said...

Was Brohm legit in games 1, 2 and 3? When they lose next week will he be legit. College football is about top end talent not coaching.

STL_eagle said...

This game is make or break for the season. While it is true that they could win and then lose out or lose and then win out, it is likely this game will set the narrative for the rest of season. This is a perfect year to beat Miami which is an accomplishment under any circumstance. I am cautiously optimistic. Does anybody know if Dillon is cleared to play and if so if he is 100%? At least they showed they could win without him last week but they are a better team with him on the field.

Bravesbill said...

Knuckle, Brohm actually is pretty introspective. Admitted he coached conservatively in the first 3 games, all of which led to losses. He finally opened up and played to win. A coach who can actually make adjustments between games, oh my.