Thursday, October 18, 2018

Waiting on Felder news

One of BC's prime targets for the 2019 class is making a big show of his recruitment.

At one point on Thursday, 247 actually had Felder committing to BC. They later retracted it, but they obviously felt pretty good about his intentions.

Felder is 6'7 and is considered a wing. He's a South Carolina native.


Shabby1011 said...

Fielder committed, great get for Christian and staff

Hoops at BC faces tremendous challenge in ACC, far more significant then Football does and think Christian is doing a great job recently with recruiting. He is beating out other ACC schools for highly rated kids. He is also building roster with versatile athletic kids who have high ceilings of improvement. They need a big and future roster looks tremendous.

He lets his kids play on offense, they play fast tempo and the Robinson development from not being on draft boards at start of last year to being a lottery pick goes a long way to recruits.

Kudos to b-ball program. Now MJ has to deliver on dedicated practice facility. Between playing in Conte and no PF BC is so far behind in ACC nevemind it is by far the best basketball conference.

Geezer eagle said...

Will somebody please discuss the ice hockey team.

dietmrfizz said...

Welcome to the Heights Calvin!

Very impressed with Spinelli's recruiting. Give him as much money as he wants.

Edward Griffith said...

Christian has to land kids like these. Al Skinner and Jim O' Brien achieved far better
results although not in ACC.
Skinner's recruits Craig Smith , Danya Abrams , Jared Dudley all competed very well
with ACC. Bill Curley , Howard Eisley and company defeated Dean Smith and Tarheels on
the way to the elite 8.
Jim should get smart and add Danya Abrams to staff to recruit and work with BIG Men.

bceagle91 said...

GE, the hockey team is at Quinnipiac tonight. Another good out of conference road game. We lost both at Wisconsin last weekend. It's been nearly 2 years since the Eagles won a non-conference game. The roster shows 5 seniors, 11 juniors, 5 sophomores and 5 frosh. More experienced than a lot of recent teams. One frosh, Oliver Wahlstrom, is probably one and done. Junior goalie Joe Woll may leave a year early.

I imagine the team will contend for the Hockey East championship, but isn't a favorite. We're ranked 18th in the country. Providence, NU and BU are ranked higher. 16 teams make the NCAA tournament. We might end up being a bubble team.

NYCEagle said...

Back to basketball for a second. I just watched his highlight tape. 2 things stood out: he has exceptional footwork in the post for a kid his age. I wish he could play next month, he’d get minutes behind pop and Mitchell right away. 2 he is undersized, but explosive. I think this is where the footwork really helps. That extra pivot gets bigger defenders up in the air a lot in his tape. The NBA has already moved to the model of an undersized, athletic, shooting capable 4 man. I think Hamilton and Felder both fit that mold, and if they’re both on the floor at the same time, I feel bad for the rims

NYCEagle said...

Just to add to that: sources in the b-ball program have apparently said he’s the most naturally talented recruit coming out of high school since this regime has been here. That means above Hamilton, Tabbs, Bowman, or Heath. From what I’ve read he plays at a small high school and a lesser know AAU team. Sounds like another diamond in the rough

Gerry said...
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Gerry said...

Danya Abrams runs a very successful insurance business. I strongly doubt he would be interested in giving that up to be the third assistant, making less money, and be away from his wife and young kids for 200 days a year.

BC87 said...

Great Get! I love what I read about him, big on academics and a player who can defend the post in addition to his offense,

Edward Griffith said...

Gerry : Thanks for the Dayna Info . I was thinking of him as # 1 assistant and paying him
about 750-800,000 a year if he proves out. And down the road a future head coach.

eagle1331 said...

I worry about the direction of the hockey team, a lot. York has earned the right to decide when he leaves, but at some point the decline in performance has to come in to the discussion. Perhaps I (most of us) are spoiled by a decade in the Top 10, if not Top 5, week in and week out, but the team just does not seem as cohesive and talented, nor is it getting the same results, since Coach Cav left and Jerry started having health concerns. I don't think any of the current assistants are "next in line," and MJ doesn't have a history hiring Hockey coaches, so hopefully when Jerry decides to step away, he gets to pick his successor, and Cav comes home. Hopefully Jerry makes that decision before the program tanks out of irrelevancy. With more schools adding hockey, and schools like Penn State having TONS of money behind theirs, we need to remain nationally relevant, and winning, to continue to be what we were at the turn of the century.

John said...

Jim O'Brien did well his last several years with players like Curley and Huckaby and Eisley, etc. But don't forget that BC was 0 for the Big East during his first 7 or 8 years. That's my recollection anyway, and I had season tickets. Full disclosure, I was not a Jim O'Brien fan - his teams were notoriously bad from the free throw line, and he was not a good coach for big men. He underutilized and then let one 6' 11" kid transfer to Wisconsin (Grant?) and he then averaged like 22 points per game for the Badgers.

Edward Griffith said...

John I also had season tickets and you must certainly remember the team of possible
All-Americans O'Bie had lined up till he ran afoul of Father Leahy and the Director of
Admissions and how this disaster finally went down.
Skinner achieved big things from the start. Al Was extremely successful in the
regular season against UCONN , Seton Hall , Villanova etc .
Christian has yet to show big things except for a few major upsets.
Hopefully he will reward all of our hopes and produce big things "FOR BOSTON"

BCAlum2000 said...

"Skinner's recruits Craig Smith , Danya Abrams , Jared Dudley all competed very well
with ACC. Bill Curley , Howard Eisley and company defeated Dean Smith and Tarheels on
the way to the elite 8."

Huh? Danya, Bill (and Mickey for that matter) Curley, and Eisley were NOT Al Skinner recruits. They were all Jim O'Brien recruits. Also, it was Jim O'Brien's teamt hat defeated UNC in 1994 and went on the Elite 8, NOT Al Skinner who took over in 1997/1998.

Skinner did recruit lots of gems starting with Troy Bell and Smith, but also many others.

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