Sunday, October 07, 2018

Some postgame talk and looking ahead

Here is Addazio after the game. He is saying the right things. Although he could go a bit further but he's right in a lot of the issues and he is right to take blame. That's the first step in addressing the problem. Now can he fix them? As I said Saturday, many of these Addazio problems are recurring and fixable. Will he make the adjustments?

You know who is buying what Addazio is selling? The oddsmakers. As of Sunday night, we are a 13.5 favorite against Louisville.


Bravesbill said...

Sounds like there’s easy money to be made there.

mod34b said...
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JBQ said...

Without Dillon, they will not beat the spread and may lose outright.

Geezer eagle said...

Question for Jarmond and Dazoshit apologists. Will 4-8 (1-7) be enough to fire this inept clown?

Unknown said...

BC Football has fallen in the "who cares" area of my brain. Hockey starts this week against Wisco. I'm excited for that. At some point this week, I'll write a fan post and copy it here, but if BC is ever going to improve Football, there needs to be systematic changes, not just firing the coach, which should have happened after the 0 fer year in the ACC.

NEDofSavinHill said...

Daz proclaimed that he had the best RB in the country and also the best group of tight ends. So why only two completions on Saturday to that group for a total of 20 yards? Sweeney made a great catch on a poorly thrown pass. Why the under utilization of the TEs? In the Temple game passes were thrown to double covered wrs when TEs were open ten yards farther down the field.The first halves of the three road games were terrible. Very poor coaching. The team was not prepared. 2. An amazing historic event took place at the precise time the U S Senate confirmed the 114th Supreme Court justice Daz's record against ranked teams fell to 1-14. A sign from heaven. 3. When Brian Kelly lost his temper in one of his first games as ND's coach the Administration rebuked him and told him that his sideline behavior was unacceptable. His behavior has improved. Will BC continue to tolerate boorish sideline behavior by Daz? His screaming at the Refs, his swearing can only alienate the officials. The AD should require that because of his gross uncontrolled emotionalism he must be up in the booth or be in disguise, not on the sideline in plain view. One has to bear in mind that Daz helped OSU and Meyer prepare for Clemson the ACC champ in the playoff game a couple of years ago. How did that sit with ACC officials? A betrayal? Whose side is he on?

NEDofSavinHill said...


BCEagles2014 said...

Under only the absolute best circumstances do I see BC getting at most 7 wins: Louisville, FSU/VT, and Cuse. Miami and Clemson are already losses before the game is even played, and the only reason I think BC has a chance at one of either FSU or VT is because FSU has played very uninspired football this year and VT lost to Old Dominion. 5-6 wins is much more realistic.

We need to ask ourselves if another 7-5 season (remember, this only happens if there is some divine intervention) is acceptable. We are losing a TON of talent after this season, so this was supposed to be our one chance to have a special season and set up the program for the future. In classic BC fashion, it appears we have squandered it away. BC appears to be losing one of our top recruits to OSU. A season that started off with so much hope has come crashing down in a burning heap.

What Jarmond and BC as a whole does next after this season will be very telling about what to expect about the future of BC football. Scenario 1: they continue on with Addazio or replace him with another underwhelming coach which will signal to the BC fanbase that they are content with always being an average at best program and cashing in their checks. At least a time this point we can save ourselves the heartache and not waste our Saturday’s anymore. Or we have Scenario 2: Jarmond and Leahy nut up and fire Addazio after this season and spend money on an actual coach who demands excellence and knows how to win. Either way, it’s so frustrating to watch BC throw away what should have been a special season for all of us.

Geezer eagle said...

2014, you have great wisdom for so tender an age. You are spot-on, young sir.

BCEagles2014 said...

Thanks old man :)

Shabby1011 said...

If BC beats Ville this week they are 5-2 & 2-1 in league.

They get a bye week to get Dillon healthy (sounds like he won’t play this weekend) and get Miami on a big Friday night. I actually think they win that game. U is vastly overrated. 6-2, 3-1.

They get absolutely crushed at VT, stay close in first half vs Clemson but succumb which puts them at 6-4, 3-3.

They definitely can beat FSU, they stink as does their coach, Taggart so overrated. Cuse if Dungy plays is a 50/50 game.

I am going to go with an optimistic 8-4 cause N.C. State might be the 2nd best team in ACC. Problem they have is Doreen is bigger meathead then Daz so they could lose out but talent is there.

8-4 is a good year and 7-5 definitely keeps the Dazzler here another year. No way MJ steps up and does anything other then tweet pics with fans at tailgates which seems to impress the millennials as doing a good job.

Terribly frustrating and underachieving year with a down ACC, 8-4 should be worst case for this team and instead is best case a quarter into the season. The extreme poor play vs Purdue and 1st half vs NC State lands solely on coaches shoulders. No shame in losing either of those games on the road but 6th year in they shouldn’t have lapses like that.

Next year will be without a doubt his last year though. Defense will be frightening (poor) and with ND on schedule that’s a non-conf loss. 4-8 and possibly 3-9 with only 1 ACC win and that ends the Dazzlers career as football head coach.

Edward Griffith said...

Peter J. Carmichael Jr Off Co-ordinator for New Orleans Saints high powered offense(check
his impressive resume ) was a BC baseball player for the Eagles.

My hope is that as a BC guy he would stay put if successful.

DO IT "FOR BOSTON" and make "The Echoes Ring Again"

Shabby1011 said...

ATL - Question for you or anyone else who may remember

Didn’t TOB have a standing practice of having his backup QB take the 1st series of every 2nd quarter? Maybe it was just select games or minus the real big games but I feel like that was the case.

Now TOB had a great run of QBs starting with Hasselbacks so they were all very capable but imagine the thought behind which was very sound was to get the backup legit game experience and not mop up duty vs 2nd/3rd string

That process would make so much sense with this team. Daz is clearly committed to Brown which is fine but think getting Perry some legit snaps would be very helpful down the road

lbkjj said...

Pj's Dad was an assistant coach at BC from 1981 to 1993. Then Tom Coughlin took him to the Jaguars to launch that franchise. Strong BC connection.

John said...

Why did college football analysts like Trevor Matich think that BC was potentially the second best team in the ACC - and, remember this - that the Eagles could be 7 and 0 when Miami comes to Chestnut Hill? Why?

Because he looked at the experience and talent (but not the head coaching) and the schedule,and made an easy prediction.

This is why we are so stunned.

Let's look back on the first half of the bowl game against Maryland (not the second half turtle-job by Addazio that almost lost the game - you can't make it up) and the games from the second half of the season last year.

And then we ask ourselves WTF?

Really! Is our head coach really so stubborn that he is an idiot? Moron? Downright stupid? Does he have memory loss?

Why does he play favorites? Why does the two-deep never change, except for injury?

Why aren't there ramifications for poor play? Like what would happen at a big program if you dropped 2 passes in one game?

Why do we throw 2 to 3 yard passes?

Why don't our receivers make it past the first down marker on their routes?

Was Alex Amidon a lot faster than Jeff Smith? How did Alex get so open?

Did Chase Rettig have better vision for finding the open receiver(s) than Anthony Brown?

Did Darius Wade have better vision?

All things must be evaluated. No one is safe or should be safe.

Is Baker doing a good job at center?

On and on.

Shabby - that's pretty accurate about giving #2 some experience.

bceagle91 said...

Shabby, you're exactly right about TOB and the 1st series of the second quarter. As I recall, it was pretty much every game. Getting Perry or McDonald some extra snaps might not be a bad idea.

Ann Marie/Edward, with respect to Carmichael, now that he's had some NFL success, it'd hard to keep him at the college level, even at BC. The siren song of the NFL is hard to resist.

John, those are good questions. No one is safe or should be safe. Including Addazio. 7-6 is his modal record. Honestly, I don't see this year being much different. Coming from OSU, Jarmond should be expecting more. But does Leahy expect more? Or is he content watching his kids get outcoached almost every game with a guy who resembles a raving lunatic on the sidelines at times? 5 1/2 years in and we still can't find a good kicker. At least we broke the missed extra points streak at 5 games.

TedofSavinHill said...

Well, well. Still have to wonder at people saying Dazzle is 7-6 for so many years.

This year if asked you might say his record at this point is 4 - 2. But be serious, Beating Massachusetts and Holy Cross and Tempke should not count on his record.

As I see it, and I'm being generous his regular season record is 4 - 6 for these years. The bowl games don't count be ausr BC does not draw well so it goes to bowls where it's opponents are mech weaker teams.

Bottom line is Dazzle's record against teams that are decent or above is less than 40% wins. As an earlier post noted this was to be the killer year with all the talent.

What are we looking at: 6 - 6 if lucky or take away the 3 give me wind a 3 and 6 record.

This would be unacceptable by any school. But because the $$$ decision on Dazzle was so foolhardy we'll put up with Dazxlr another two years. Sad, but Walsh is like the guy at Holy Cross who dropped big time college football. He'd have liked to have done it.

John said...

Fr. Brooks.

Knucklehead said...

John is fucking livid.

Knucklehead said...

NC State was roided up beyond belief. They were Big 10 roided up. Cannot compete with that when you need to have a choir boy perception. The funniest part of the game was listening to broadcasters say BC is a tough team. Maybe . But they got demolished on the lines. D fucking Molished.