Monday, October 08, 2018

And now we all wait on Dillon news

After his usual press conference and media appearances Monday, Addazio remained purposefully vague on AJ Dillon's injury. He says Dillon is showing improvement but his status for Louisville remains unknown. Ankle injuries can be nagging and take longer than expected to recover. Just look at how Landry's issues became a weekly unknown last year. The oddsmakers have us as big favorites against Louisville already, so the team should win without him. However, having Dillon does change the dynamic of the team and the game.

While our offense did show it can function without him in the second half, Dillon does two things that no one else on the roster can. First he is a home run threat any time he touches the ball. It doesn't mean he will make something out of nothing every touch, but he can do it enough to change games. Second, he draws such attention from the other team, that he opens up plays for other players. The drop off shouldn't be so severe without him, but until someone steps up, it is fact.

Without gossip or insight, I feel like Dillon will get back on the field this weekend. We know he walked on it right after and Vegas clearly baked in his return into the spread. But like last week, we will just have to wait until either Dillon or Addazio tells us some news.


John said...

Hold him out until the Miami game, if he can even recover by then.

Hey Addazio - let AJ sit on the bench for an hour after he gets hurt. Great coaching, great decision. You the man!

John said...

BTW - walking while taped up shortly after his injury just shows AJ's competitiveness and doesn't indicate how bad the injury really was.

It's too bad that AJ was injured on his 28th carry, most of which resulted in him getting gang tackled high, medium and low. Addazio telegraphed every carry, and would have made him run 50 times.

Just think about that, fans.The Head Coach doesn't seem to give a damn about AJ's health and Fu.

Just hand him the rock over and over and up the middle and over and over 70% of the time. You go, coach. Ride "the horse".

John said...

Future. Auto-correct is crazy.

John said...

Herschel Walker averaged 32 carries per game (maybe 35 one year).

Addazio wants AJ Dillon to average 45!

Why not, Steve? He'll help to preserve your job, maybe. Bring him back before he is really ready.

Go BC - ride "the Horse" - and who cares about his future. We need him NOW!

ObserverCollege said...

John was failing to be sarcastic, exhbiting such hubris as to imagine he (or any of us) has the qualifications to question Coach Addazio. Failure in sarcasm comes from saying what you think is "false" when in fact it is true. That's why I don't practice sarcasm, parody, satire, etc. I tell it like it is. Although my efforts round to perfect correctness and wisdom, I can't say beyond the shadow of a doubt that I will always be correct. Only our Lord and Savior can make that claim.

In other words, none of us know what the future holds. AJ Dillon could wind up with a dumpster fire team like the Cardinals or the Raiders. Teams that will just lose games as he struggles behind a worthless offensive line.

There is nothing like carrying the rock 46 times at 3.4 yards a pop. Slamming the ball into a 9-man front again and again, with the possibility that MAYBE one time you'll be able to break a few tackles and bust out a 60-yard touchdown run.

Coach Addazio's faith in Dillon builds fortitude in his star. Coach knows Dillon will grind out 98 yards on 45 carries; although it should be 198 if the players would make some blocks. Yet on the 46th carry, Coach overcomes the players' failures and springs Dillon for the 60-yard run, such that Dillon winds up with 158 yards on 46 carries, or 3.4 YPC. Or, if you recognize that Dillon would have sprung the run from his own goal line, you can really credit Coach Addazio with generating 196 yards on 46 carries, or 4.26 YPC. Or, if you credit Coach with the extra 100 yards the linemen who had to stay with Spaziani players when visiting BC left on the field due to their stupid mistakes, then you're looking at 296 yards on 46 carries, or 6.43 yards per pop. Pretty amazing against a 9-man front.

NFL teams reward running backs with an extensive track record of success and durability. They want to see the kid has carried the ball close to 50 times per game, and that he can bust a big carry late in the game. They want to see the player going out on the field and showing that he will do whatever it takes TODAY to carry out Coach's game plan, and get into the Zaxby's Heart of Dallas Bowl.

There's no such glory, no such greater good in the NFL. You're just playing for "money." Here, you play for a higher goal, Coach's marketability as he balances a contract extension against an offer to announce the #2 noontime ACC Extra game.

Geezer eagle said...


JBQ said...

Dillon got hurt because he would not run north and south and kept cutting to the outside. This worked on doldrum teams. O.J. Simpson had the greatest running philosophy. You do not fight against the tackles. You go down where they put you. You then get the ball on the next play and run right through them. You cannot run through a brick wall and the quicker that Dillon learns this, the more quickly he will become a great back. -----Of course, he is the Dazzler's meal ticket. This has always been a problem for Addazio. He is one dimensional. That's the way that he won at Temple in a small pond. ----You have to open it up and that is why Matt Ryan is a great quarterback. It has always been run, run, run (maybe pass) and score once and then let your defense hold 'em. What happens if you have a mediocre defense? They are finding that out right now.---Loeffler has the mo jo. He will have the team on the go and then Addazio puts on the handcuffs. The last two bowl games proved that against Iowa and before that Maryland. The horses came out of the gate and then the blinders went on. ---It is the same story for the sixth year. The idea is to go 7-6 with a little luck and two patsies and two easy non conference games for four wins. You then luck out two more and get a weak bowl game. Sadly, he will limp by one more year and have a crying meeting with Jarmond over Urban Meyer war stories with a little Tebow thrown in and it's on to next season.

eagletix said...

Since a 5 win season looks as likely as a 7 win season right now, holding Dillon out is Addazio's "get out of jail free" card as he can put losing his Heisman candidate right at the top of this season's, his sixth, excuse mantra. I mean, it wouldn't be an Addazio coached team without a laundry list of reasons why they underachieved once again.

Geezer eagle said...

The Heisman Trophy is gone AD.

Knucklehead said...

Dillon doesn't matter. The defense needs to stop someone on third down. The opposition needs to be playing defense as much as we are. They cannot make a stop.

If we lose to Louisville Dazzler should be terminated. Louisville is awful.

The offense needs to play 2018 football not the game from a bygone fucking era.

NEDofSavinHill said...

OC hit the nail on the head.

Edward Griffith said...

Knucklehead has got it dead on. One hour after game's finish.

Women's soccer and field hockey continue fine seasons but tough matches are coming.


Big Jack Krack said...

Ride the horse, and forget about all of the varied plays you could be running with your other talented players.

Why use all of the assets at your disposal when you can ride the horse? Feed the beast!

Right, Coach Addazio? You the (Dynamic) man! You make the college game so exciting! We can't wait for Saturday to roll around.

Pure excitement, like 7 drives for 30 plays in the first half for 105 yards.

7 plays for 44 yards [2:21],
5 plays for 13 yards [1:47],
4 plays for 4 yards [1:07] and FG,
3 plays for 3 yards [1:22],
3 plays for 7 yards [1:13]
5 plays for 28 yards [2:09]
and 3 plays for 6 yards [0:43]).

Wow - your play calling is so special, Coach Addazio. Perhaps one of the finest first halfs (halves?)in the history of Boston College Football - you achieved it.

6 First Downs - So impressive!

I have to stop now - I'm about to puke. Thank goodness I could only see the second half.

Bottom line - we can't wait to see how you will punish Louisville. That's right, we can't wait! Thanks for bringing the excitement of college football to Boston College, the City of Boston, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and New England.

You really know how to put fannies in the seats!

Big Jack Krack said...

You stiff.

Knucklehead said...

Would like to see them play two running backs. Glines can catch. Dillon can run most of the time.

I am concerned about this game. We embarrassed the shit out of their defense last season. Louisville will be ready to go just like NC State.