Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Throwbacks are back, now let us make the perfect uniform

As rumored, BC is breaking out the retro-'80s uniforms for the Louisville game. Before I nitpick a little, let me say that I love when they do this and I love the throwback look. We should do a throwback uniform once a season. However, this uniform is also a reminder of what still needs to be done. Here is my latest on how BC should plan their uniforms annually.

1. Always have a lone maroon stripe on the helmet. I know this is a relatively new aspect of BC Football (about 27 years), but I like the stripe. It differentiates us from other solid gold helmets and has been our thing long enough that it should be permanent.
2. Have one red bandana inspired uniform per year. This is another fairly new tradition, but a good one. Don't overuse it and make it the only time we wear white pants.
3. Have one "crazy" uniform look per year. I don't love this but recruits do. So let Under Armour go crazy. Put wings on the helmets. Go with wacky color schemes. Do whatever. But only do it once per year. Beyond a weird helmet or pattern, this is also the time where BC could experiment with long suggested ideas like the all SuperFan Yellow uniforms or even gray like basketball used this year.
4. Have one color of gold. This is my main complaint about the retro uniforms this weekend. The pants, the helmet and the shoulder stripes all look like different shades of gold. I prefer metallic gold to mustard, but BC needs to just pick one.
5. Create a new logo that is inspired by the classic BC logo. This retro logo is pretty darn close to what BC should wear. And based on fan reaction this is would be a popular move.
6. Regular home uniforms should look close to the early '90s look. Gold pants with solid maroon stripe. Maroon top with numbers on shoulders and Eagle or BC logo on the sleeve.
7. Road uniforms should be white jersey with maroon pants. Think of the mid-TOB era. No more all-white road uniforms.


JBQ said...

If a solid gold helmet was good enough for Doug, then it is good enough for BC. His uniform was the best there was especially with him dancing on the cover of Sports Illustrated in Miami in 1984. The stripe on the helmet is a Coughlin thing and the Giants with their blue stripe. Don't like the stripe and don't like the Gucci uniforms either. It is like changing the Marine Corps uniform and making it politically correct. BC is just one more "under armor" political and economic prostitute.

mod34b said...
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Geezer eagle said...

No garish uniforms. Become a traditional school like Penn State, not holloween costumes like Oregon and Maryland.

Anonymous said...

The 4:54 pm comment is sad.

Big Jack Krack said...

I'm with JBQ - I'm a traditionalist when it comes to uniforms.

Geezer eagle said...

You forgot to compliment yours truly. Am I invisible?

TedofSavinHill said...

I'm thinking we should stop wasting money on uniform changes. Keep things simple. Must always have maroon and gold which are traditional colors.

Home uniform all maroon with gold stripes. Away uniform all gold with maroon stripes. Helmet gold so we look like Notre Dame. We should have on the helmet the words "Fighting Eagles."

On a patch on the arm we should have the Jesuit motto: "MAGA"

John said...

Sorry Georgia Eagle - I'm with you too.


AMDG said...

The problems with the current uniforms:
1. The stripe that UA has designated as a BC thing gives too much prominance to white. The school colors are Maroon and Gold, not Maroon, gold and white.
2. On the white uniforms it is hard to see any gold because the gold is too light and is always in a white background.

The problem with the throwbacks:
1.Jerseys should be maroon, not red,
. Make them darker.
2. One gold, not three and it should be gold, not yellow or khaki.
3. Make the logo a true throwback. Gold BC and maroon Eagle. The white lettering is wrong.

Anonymous said...

They aren't black. Which is good.

Unknown said...

I too am traditional, but the important thing is to make impressions to the kids, both as future recruits and fans of BC. So therefore I am all for mixing it up.

Color wise, Again I prefer traditional, but we need to keep our colors and look different from Florida State. When people see BC on the field, there needs to be no question that the team in maroon gold and white is Boston College. Maybe that means the gold needs to be more yellow?

A few ideas. We should try wings on the helmet (Think Philadelphia Eagles and Rice) maybe even go with a Maroon helmet and gold wings! I'd also like to use the Eagle logo with the football in the talons. What about having cool marketing slogans and shirts each year, I am not from Philly but I always like "winning is for the birds" as an example. We need to do all we can marketing wise. Look at all the hype Oregon gets with its uniforms and mascot?

And FWIW, I think at a minimum we gotta have a Maroon stripe and make the helmet special to just BC

Geezer eagle said...

Penn State and the Yankees don't "mix it up" and they have winning traditions.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

I wouldn't care if they were wearing tutu's as long as they won.

JBQ said...

The tutu's would have to be maroon and gold.

Geezer eagle said...

Just hope the jocks shave their legs.

BCEagles2014 said...

I have heard many non-BC people comment that it looks like BC is ripping off FSU's uniforms. True or not, that is not a good perception for our program. Our jersey needs to be unique and flashy. Not flashy in the sense of loud colors like Oregon does, but something that makes you think "wow our team looks great in those jerseys!"

I do love BC's tradition and understand its importance, but perhaps for a big game or 2 each season we roll out all gray uniforms like Atl mentioned with an eagle on the helmet (like Clemson's paw print) and a metallic gold grill on the helmets. The players would get juiced up playing in them and recruits love this type of stuff.

Knucklehead said...

I don't see a spear on the BC helmet.

Knucklehead said...

Why don't we put the number on the helmet. Dazzler could wear a helmet with the number 2 on it because he is a shithead.

Or like a huge picture of father Leahy's face you k ow like a Leahy fathead but kind of like wrap it around the helmet like
Like the way Maryland does with the state flag. Then like we could call ourselves the fighting Leahy's, like. That would cool if we did that a couple times. You know instead like winning we could be different apparel wise. Like you know.

Mod would like that.

eagleboston said...

I find it interesting that there is more passion around the uniforms than who should be starting at quarterback this Saturday.

But, since we are on the topic of uniforms, I love the Flutie unis. That was classic BC. And while I chuckled at Mod's priest uniform, there is a side of me that thinks that would be really cool to come out in all black with a white collar as a nod to our Jesuit founders. Might be a once in a decade deal.