Tuesday, November 06, 2018

How does Addazio do as a big underdog

The spread for the BC-Clemson game opened at BC+17.5 and seems to have moved to +18. While big, the point spread is a bit encouraging. It was worse against Clemson just last year. Here are all the times Addazio was a big underdog while at BC and the final results.

2017. +34 at Clemson.
Final Score: Clemson 34, BC 7

2016. +25 vs Louisville.
Final Score: Louisville 52, BC 7

2013. +24 at Clemson.
Final Score: Clemson 24, BC 14

2013. +23 vs Florida State.
Final Score: FSU 48, BC 34

2017. +21 at Louisville.
Final Score: BC 45, Louisville 42

2016. +20 at Florida State.
Final Score: FSU 45, BC 7

2014. +17 vs USC.
Final Score: BC 37, USC 31

2014. +17 at Florida State.
Final Score: FSU 20, BC 17

2015. +17 at Clemson.
Final Score: Clemson 34, BC 17

2016. +17 vs Clemson.
Final Score: Clemson 56, BC 10

2017. +16 vs Virginia Tech.
Final Score: Virginia Tech 21, BC 10

2016. +15 at NC State.
Final Score: BC 21, NC State 14

2016. +15 vs Notre Dame.
Final Score: Notre Dame 19, BC 16

As a two TD or more underdog, Addazio holds his own. Against the spread in these games he is 9-3-1. In true W-L, he is 3-10, which isn't bad for a big underdog.


Shabby1011 said...

Prob not a good look for Daz to be double digit dogs that many times in 5+ years..ouch

JBQ said...

@Shabby: Good point.

Tony Abardo said...

Yes, isn't the bigger issue how many times they have been double digit underdogs? Why is ATL pointing this out like it is something to be proud of?

rcmbc81 said...

Truth is, BC historically does well against the spread. Why? Because we're not a big-name, national program, and since the spread is all about getting the book even, BC needs to get more points than is objectively called for in order to draw more bets to BC.

Ramman said...

To me it emphasizes that BC has faced some very strong opposition during its ‘rebuilding phase’ which arguably goes back to the Tom O’Brien years!

John said...

I it my imagimation, or are more players available to the media than ever before?

Go BC.

John said...

Is it my imagination......

NEDofSavinHill said...

Does the college football playoff committee indicate that the best division in the land is the ACC Atlantic? They placed four teams from that division in their top 17. Both divisions of the SEC had just three while the vaunted Big Ten East had only two. What a dominant performance by the ACC Atlantic 2. What is critical to victory for BC Saturday is to stop the Clemson running attack. Make them one dimensional. Make their freshman QB win the game.3. Isn't Saturday Marine Corps birthday? That could be a great omen for BC because of all the leathernecks they have produced over the years.Happy Birthday Marines.

Knucklehead said...

Clemson is going to come out swinging. It will be interesting if we can keep it close early.

Hate Clemson and the stupid paw helmet. The new QB is a weirdo. Mod likes him though.

Wyatt Ray is going to dismantle him at some point Saturday night.

Edward Griffith said...

How about asking Matt Ryan and/or Doug Flutie to work with the quarterbacks .
Matt a month or so after the NFL finishes Doug at a time convenient . ***********

WE"VE GOT QBS PROBLEMS What better place to seek help. DO it "FOR BOSTON"


JBQ said...

Actually, Edward Griffith (the wife of) has a very good idea. Actually in regard to "John", I like "imagimation" better. It is more "imaginative" in regard to our current problems. @Knucklehead: Be careful what you say. You are talking about Nat King Cole's grandson. @Nedof SavinHill: I appreciate the MC reference. I'm betting that "GeorgiaEagle" sans Stacey Abrams does too.

Georgia Eagle said...

JBQ, Ouch! That stings. Why don't you just compare me to Lenin, Stalin or Mao? Stacey Abrams is in their league.