Sunday, December 16, 2018

Herren Jr leads the way against Fairfield

Chris Herren Jr had his best game to date as BC beat Fairfield Sunday. While the Herren game was a nice surprise, being in a tight game with Fairfield and needed one of your reserves was far from ideal. Bowman was really cold (4-17) and the bench was really thin with Chatman and Mitchell both sitting with injuries.

BC is off for a week and then takes on Depaul next weekend.


EL MIZ said...

i don't know how good this team actually is, and i suppose it probably isn't as good as its record suggests. but they are a fun group to watch. Bowman is one of the more athletic guards to ever play at BC, Chatman is a classic "good college vet" who is great to have on the court with the kids, Popovic took some big strides this offseason, Mitchell is an absolute dog on the boards, and the freshmen have all had some really nice moments (especially Tabbs, who is legit good and reminds me a lot of Troy Bell).

conference play should at least be fun to watch, as I think these guys should be in a lot of games and will definitely surprise people on random nights like we did last year.

Big Jack Krack said...

The Herren story can be really good. I'm glad he's here and he will really help this team over 4 years.

Herren might well be the type of player who can be relied upon to come off the bench, provide a spark with no drop off, and even strengthen the team while he's in there.

I'm hoping that he has a really nice career for BC.

We know about Tabbs. :-)

BCAlum2000 said...

Tabbs looks good, but slow down with the Troy Bell comparisons ...

Overall, I think this team is below mediocre. Sorry to be negative, but they have one decent win against Minnesota, threw away a game versus Providence, and lost to IUPUI. Going .500 in ACC play is the a ceiling for this squad. Just imagine if Robinson came back and if Hawkins was awarded a 6th year. That would have been a Final Four type squad (best squad since Smith/Hinnant/Dudley/Marshall/Williams/Rice squad that lost to Nova in the tournament).

Edward Griffith said...

Take You Tube to 1993 BC v Va Tech and see how great we were and how bad Dazzo=Shit has made
See numerous great players for BC.

Va Tech was destroyed.

Glenn Foley SENSATIONAL . Ted Page ,a lineman , also from Foley's Cherry Hill East (NJ
a good solid lineman.
IN 25 years THREE GREAT QBs.
Time to return to greatness and stop the MICKEY MOUSE (DAZZO=SHIT)

Anonymous said...

They have alot to prove after the Providence game.

Will say it again for the Mod/TGS commenting duo.

This team(Boston College mens basketball) has a lot to prove after the loss to Providence a few weeks ago.

EL MIZ said...

for what its worth (probably not much since conference play hasn't started yet):

Bell as a freshman: 19 ppg 3 rpg 2 apg 39% FG 40% 3 89% FT
Tabbs through 10 games: 16 ppg 5 rpg 3 apg 47% FG 38% 3 85% FT

i would happily settle for a poor man's troy bell.

agreed it is probably around 500 in conference play. would be nice to be pleasantly surprised.

Edward Griffith said...

I well remember the excitement as I awaited the follow up tourney to Bill Curley ,
Howard Eisley ,Malcolm Huckabee , Girard Abrams elite eight showing to start the
following season . The debut of Chris's ,dad a McDonald's All American, a genuine
super star. Just as our game was to come on the air The announcer's stated we have some
bad news for BC fans the expected debut of BC's superman would not happen he had broken
his ankle .

Anonymous said...

Broken ankle that required 15 years of rehab.

Hope the kid doesn't go near the bottle or the hash pipe. He looks prone to addiction. Gaunt.

He can shoot and runs off screen well though, based on the Providence game. Havent had a guy run off screens/spot up like him since Mark Molinski(spelling).

Napolean Bonaparte said...

We won't know anything until ACC play commences. Yes - some bright spots this year. But unfortunately nearly every team in our conference is loaded with bright spots.