Saturday, January 05, 2019

Basketball comes up short at VT

BC took the lead into the half after a solid defensive performance. However, the second half was not as good. BC came out flat, got whistled for seemingly everything and watched the Hokies build up lead. BC chipped away down the stretch but it wasn't enough. The Hokies held onto the win.

The story of the game were the officials. I know it is whiny. I know that the difference in fouls was only 4 (BC 22, VT 18), but it killed our momentum and we had two guys foul out.

The Hamilton brothers were solid. Chatman looks to be getting back to his usual form. Bowman was ok...too many misses and turnovers.

Virginia Tech was favored and at home, so this was always going to be a tough game. But it would have been nice to put together two solid halfs instead of one.

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