Sunday, January 06, 2019

Cheevers declares for NFL Draft

Saturday night BC cornerback Hamp Cheevers announced he was skipping his senior season to declare for the NFL Draft.

Cheevers had a great season and led College Football in interceptions. Even with the shortened career, he has to be viewed as another classic case of BC finding a "two star" player who was ignored by bigger programs and giving him a program to develop. My only fear is that the same issue that kept Cheevers out of bigger programs -- his size -- will work against him in the NFL Draft process.

I wish Cheevers the best and thank him for his time at BC.

There has been no statement from Addazio, so I don't know if this was unexpected. Cheevers loss does hurt our defensive backfield. I hope that the young guys are ready to step up. I also hope that Addazio is going to maximize scholarship usage if this departure was not in his planning.

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