Wednesday, January 09, 2019

BC looked directionless against UVA

UVA is better than BC. No argument there. BC was not even close to full strength (Mitchell out, Tabbs recovering, Chatman not 100%). Everyone who follows BC knew it would take some sort of miracle to win. The problem with BC's loss, is they looked so passive and unprepared for long stretches.

BC went scoreless for a long stretch in the second half. It wasn't just that UVA played good D as usual. It also wasn't that the shots weren't falling. It was that the guys had no idea where to even attack. They didn't move well. They dribbled out to take ill-advised 3s. It was a total mess.

Bright spots? Pop, I guess. But he is such a bad defender that his offensive productivity needs to be that much more.

We knew the start of ACC play was going to be tough. This made it seem hopeless.

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