Thursday, January 10, 2019

Now we wait on Campanile news

When the rumor broke about Anthony Campanile talking to Rutgers, BC quickly shut it down. Now there is news that he is talking to Michigan. BC has yet to refute it. Unlike the potential Rutgers move, this switch would make a little more sense. Michigan offers more money and prestige (within the profession). Based on some of the speculation, he may get his current "Co-DC" title there too. The only true downside is if Harbaugh leaves for the NFL in one year and Michigan cleans house. But at this point, I would say Harbaugh is more likely to be coaching Michigan in 2020 than Addazio is coaching BC in 2020.

The other added aspect of this sort of move is Campanile sets himself up for a return to BC if Addazio is fired after next season. It is rare to promote a staffer of a fired head coach to the head spot. Fans and administrators usual prefer a fresh face. However, assuming Campanile and Brown put together another Top 10 D, Campanile would certainly become a name floated to replace Addazio.

We should know shortly what Campanile will do. Once these names get floated, it is usually wrapped up quickly.

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