Friday, January 11, 2019

I am not worried about Addazio finding coordinators

With Anthony Campanile heading to Michigan, Scot Loeffler in Bowling Green and Jim Reid supposedly considering retiring, Steve Addazio might be looking at a total overhaul of his coordinators. As disconcerting as that might seem, I am not worried. One thing Addazio has done well is manage his staff. With his extension in hand, I am assuming he will fill the open slots with good fits again.

We know from the attempted hire of Liam Coen what he is trying to do on Offense. He even mentioned he wants a OC who will compliment his run-first mentality with NFL/Ram-like passing concepts. Everyone in football is copying Sean McVay, so it may be hard to get an actual Ram assistant coach, but that's the desired direction. I expect some news on the OC front in the next week or so.

Even with Campanile's loss, Addazio may have some wiggle room on D. Reid's status remains unknown. There was speculation that he would retire. Maybe with Campanile gone, Addazio can talk Reid into coaching one more year. 

Losing Campanile as a recruiter hurts most. Given the lame duck status, recruiting this year was already going to be difficult. Without the ace, it gets harder. 

If Addazio still believes in long-term success at BC, then he can't just find good coordinators. He needs to empower them so that BC finally exceeds the ceiling Addazio has had regardless of who is calling the plays. 

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