Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Tabbs narrative featured prominently in win over Louisville

BC won a solid home game against Louisville Wednesday night. There was a lot to like (improved play in 2nd half, good Pop post moves, etc) yet the most interesting part of the broadcast might have been the extended discussion of Wynston Tabbs. I mention it because these talking points come from the announce team's interaction with BC coaches and Sports Information. It feels like BC has an excuse ready for this disappointing season and will clearly be emphasizing that if the team finishes strong.

Would this team have been better had Tabbs been healthy? Clearly. He is an ACC level player, would have taken some of the pressure off of Bowman and improved our D. Heck he still might give us a boost. No one is promising if or when he will return, but if he is back by the ACC Tourney, BC might pull off some upsets.

However, I don't know if Tabbs' injury excuses the play this season. Tabbs played in the loss to IUPUI. He played in the loss to Hartford.

I don't know where Jarmond is on Christian. When you read hot seat talk from plugged in guys, I do give it some weight. I wish our challenges were as simple as one player's health. But we all know the issues -- effort, late game management and overall depth. It will take a lot more than one win over Louisville to convince me that this program is one player away. 

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