Sunday, February 24, 2019

What other ACC schools might make basketball changes this year?

This is the third part of a series to look at the future of BC Basketball.

Timing is probably the most under appreciated aspect of making a coaching change. There are years when everyone fires their coach and only a few A listers flip, leaving the bridesmaids to go to their C - List. Other times no one fires their coach leaving the few schools that do selecting a better coach than they ever could have expected. It doesn't seem like a bunch of top basketball jobs will open this offseason. But closer to home the ACC could see some change. And if schools make a change, how will that affect BC's potential search?

Miami -- Jim Larranaga era of Miami basketball has been one of their better stretches. He has one conference title and four NCAA Tournament appearances. However, he's about to turn 70, the 'Canes are having a rough season and Miami is tied to the most recent NCAA pay for play scandal. I could see Larranage stepping down this year. If Miami does make a change, I could see them looking at the same type of candidates BC would approach. They have some of the same issue (budget, fan support). The unknown in their change is if looming NCAA problems scares coaching candidates away.

Clemson -- Can you believe Brad Brownell has been at Clemson nine seasons? I know he has beaten BC plenty of times (including this weekend), but overall this decade of Clemson basketball has been almost as forgettable as BC's -- two NCAA appearances and a losing conference record. The success of the Clemson football team makes this job much more enticing than when Brownell took it a decade ago. The school has more money and more name recognition. If Clemson decided to go all out, they could probably land an elite coaching. 

Wake Forest -- Danny Manning has been bad at Wake (yet even he got Wake to the tournament once). He's angered donors, fans, AAU coaches and transfers. Wake would love to fire him. The only thing stopping them is his buyout. But if Wake doesn't end the season strong, I think Wake will make a change. If they make a change, I think they would be looking at some of the same names as BC and Miami. I think their job is a little more desirable than BC or Miami's due to fan support and proximity to the other North Carolina schools. 

Syracuse -- Even before his tragic car accident this weekend, you have to view every Jim Boeheim season as potentially his last. The man is 74 years old. He decided to extend his career to coach his son, but things like the accident might lead him to reevaluate. If he does retire, I just assume Mike Hopkins would take over. In a way that is a loss, since BC could have and probably should have hired Hopkins five years ago. 

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